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David Swaffer
Evan - DartDude 1975
Greg James
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Jeff Korneff
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Victor Trifu

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Many of you have similar stories, pictures, etc., but perhaps with a unique perspective. Perhaps you have a story that you would like to tell but lacked an appropriate venue. Perhaps you have a nice picture of your audio gear that you would like to share. A large and growing number of people visit these pages and we would like to provide the place for you to share.

Your Pages is that place. Write something that is longer than a comment. Give it a title and send it to us. We will most likely post it here for all to read. Heck.... you may become famous... ha! Send us good quality pictures of your gear and we will post them. We would all like to hear about your long-term (or recent) passions concerning 70's audio gear or your rediscovery of 70's audio, or your experiences in putting together your own dream system, etc. Use the Contact Us link in the menu and send your article, pictures or questions (just ignore the instructions there about manuals inquires).

You have other general comments you would like to make about something? We have also provided a place for your comments that are not article length. If you wish to leave comments about your audio-related opinions, this web site, your experience with our manuals and brochures, then do as mentioned above and we will likely post it in our Visitors Comments page.
Anthony Young Anthony shares a great article on vintage audio and comparisons to vintage automobiles.
Charlie in PA We are dinosaurs or, Where's the Music.
David C. Brown Rediscovering the joys of analog reel to reel gear after 20+ years and putting some fun back into the HiFi hobby. Originally posted in a discussion group and reused here by permission.
David Swaffer Pictures & Comments - David became our top individual customer in late 2002 with something around 80 literature items. We eventually collaborated on the Pioneer Spec Bible project. Dave has a large collection of mostly classic Pioneer audio gear. He is also one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Be sure to see his pictures. One of them is definitely something you don't see everyday. He has a *single stack* of the *entire* Pioneer SX-580 through SX-1980 line of receivers.
Evan - DartDude 1975 A Junior High School student discovers Classic Audio. Evan says, "I live in Michigan, and am one of only 2 people at my high school who appreciate the finer points of vintage audio. All the rest seem to be focused on surround sound or car audio...ugh."
Greg James Pictures - RetroStereo has got some nice stuff. He is the second guy I know who has all Pioneer SX-xx80 series receivers in a single stack. Take a look.
Guy Usher Confessions of an Audioholic
Jeff Fisher The Great 70s/80s Audiophile Wars
Jeff Korneff Pictures & Comments - Jeff builds some gorgeous Single-Ended stereo gear. Be sure to check them out.
Mark Dillard Pictures - The *madpioneer* has some nice vintage Pioneer Silver Gear setup in an interesting arrangement.
Robert Sherrod Compares 70s Audio to current high end gear.
Roxy Pictures - Owns a very rare Pioneer THE RACK that was primarily for dealers.
Victor Trifu Victor "Tape Decks Out the Ears" Trifu (2/2006 - 200 decks), plus some really beautiful home scenery.
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