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Jeff Korneff - Builder of Single Ended Amplifiers
first_pioneer_hifi_components_thumb.jpg (2910 bytes)first_pioneer_hifi_components_thumb.jpg (2910 bytes)
first_pioneer_hifi_components_thumb.jpg (2910 bytes)first_pioneer_hifi_components_thumb.jpg (2910 bytes)

Yes, I did build the single ended amp in the picture and thank you for your positive comment. This particular one in the picture is a stereo, single ended power amplifier using the #45 tube in the output stage. I am enclosing the rear photo. It also uses 6SN7's and a 5U4 rectifier. Power output is 2 watts, so efficient speakers are required. But to hear a 45 into some of the older EV, Jensen, Western Electric, Altec etc speakers is to be transported into a new, 80 year old audio dimension. Assuming you don't want to rock out the neighborhood, 2 watts is plenty.

To be honest, I have made my living (?) building these and several associated pieces of gear. So my opinion is certainly biased, but well founded. I rediscovered single ended about 7 years ago and was completely stunned by it's capability to engage the listener. I had missed the boat and spent many dollars thru the years looking for a certain sound that I remembered when I was a kid. I'm not referring to rolled off or "tubey" sounding, something was just plain wrong and/or missing. The presence of the recording was not there. It never dawned on me that the "obsolete" single ended circuit held the magic, and especially with a 45. A do it yourself magazine article in 95 caught my interest and forever changed my life with regards to so called "hi end" audio.

Thanks again Rick for your kind words. I'd be indebted to be mentioned on your site. And be advised if ever in the presence of SE45's there can be no escape. You can put the email address there too if you want. I'll probably hear from all the 250 watt guys who think I'm lost in the wilderness

Jeff Korneff
111 Thornberry Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237,  Ph. 412-486-9135

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