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Mark Dillard - Pictures of Vintage Silver Pioneer Collection
Mark Dillard (madpioneer) - Large collection of Pioneer Spec Series Equipment. Picture OnePicture Two, Picture Three


DT-400 Timer
H-R99 8 Track Play/Rec.
RG-2 Dynamic Processor
PL-88F Turntable
TX-9800 Tuner
TX-7500 Tuner
SA-6500II Amp
CT-F800 Cassette Deck
SG-9800 Equalizer
DT-510 Timer
CT-F500 Cassette Deck
TX-6500II Tuner

SPEC Main Setup.
Starting at left, top to bottom:

RT-909 Reel to Reel
DT-500 Timer
TX-9500II Tuner
SPEC-1 Pre-Amp
SPEC-2 Amplifier

Next row right top to bottom:
SG-9500 Equalizer
SR-303 Reverb Amplifier
SG-2 Dynamic Processor
SG-1 Dynamic Processor
CT-F1000 Cassette Deck
CT-F1250 Cassette Deck
Just Below in black cabinet:
PL-88FS Turntable
MJ-D707 Mini Disc Recorder

Next row farther right:
H-R100 8 Track Play/Rec.
RH-65 8 Track Play/Rec.

Next row full right:
TVX-9500 TV Sound Tuner
Along with dbx 224 Noise Reduction unit
Two(2) 200 dbx Routers for tape,and
Processor control.
Alesis MidiverbIII processor
and below a
TASCAM 488 MkII analog eight track
cassette recorder.
Cobalt glass head wearing a PIONEER DJ Cap
& SE-50 Headphones

The "Black" gear.
Top to bottom:
RC-760 Remote Control Center
CT-S88R dbx Cassette Deck
DV-440 DVD Player
EX-9000 Dynamic Expander
SR-60 Reverberation Amplifier
GR-555 Graphic Equalizer
VSX-5700S Surround Sound Amplifier
CLD-52 Elite Laser Disc Player
Just below the PL-88FS Turntable is a
(black)MJ-D707 MiniDisc Recorder

New Items, and off camera extras include:

CT-F4242 Cassette Deck
PL-400 Turntable
MA-100 Silver Face Mixer Amplifier
NOS Brand New in plastic!! SE-505 Headphones

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