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Manuals Price Code Charts
The Manuals Price Code Charts are self-explanatory to most folks. But for those interested... below this list of links, there is additional info about our Manuals Price Codes, why we use them, no Click To Buy buttons, etc.
All Price Codes Page This page opens in a separate browser window (or tab). This makes it easy to access all the Price Codes for various items without leaving the page you are on. It has a horizontal navigation menu which will bring each chart to the top for instant reference without scrolling. The Price Code charts below are individual pages and are the ones you get if you click a Price Code link in our Manuals Catalogs.
G-Codes G - General codes may be assigned to any type of manual item including all listed below.
CF-Codes CF - Center Folded codes are used for most center-folded, center-stapled manual and documents.
BC-Codes BC - Brochure Color codes are generally used for full color reproductions of sales brochures for individual models and general Product Line Brochures.
BPC-Codes BPC - Brochure Photo Copy codes are usually used for color brochure reproductions that are done as plain b/w photocopies.
MU-Codes MU - Mini User codes are generally used for operating instruction stuff in service manuals made available separately.
S-Codes S - Schematics only  codes are generally used where we make schematics available separately in lieu of the whole service manual.
EF-Codes EF - Electronic File code are used for PDF manuals or other electronic manuals (JPG, TIFF, GIF) files that are delivered via internet download (or possibly on CDROM).
OL-Codes OL - Original Literature codes are used for Factory Original (not reproduction) documents. Original Service Manuals. Original User Manuals. Original Brochures. etc.
Note about Manuals items with no Price Codes
We use a system of Price Codes for various types of products and construction methods. They are rounded off averages of various factors including shipping materials. We do not want to make money on shipping charges, nor set some excessive flat-rate shipping cost, nor weigh each individual shipment. The precise amount we paid for postage on your individual package will be somewhat more or less than what we charged you.
There are basically NO CLICK TO BUY BUTTONS ON THIS SITE. If you were on a Manuals Catalog page that had Price Codes and somehow didn't notice, YOU CAN Buy It Now With Paypal (RIGHT NOW) without contacting us first. Otherwise, you need to see Simple Purchasing Info
For you easily frustrated folks... Chill out! If you find a manual listed that you want, but there is no Price Code, you will not be able to wander all over the site and eventually find something that has not yet been made available.

We hope you will spend some time checking out our site, BUT PLEASE... don't keep looking for prices if it isn't listed along with the manual model number. All that accomplishes is you getting frustrated and sending us nasty letters. We have done many stupid things, but we're not so dumb as to intentionally hide prices just to get you upset.

IT IS NOT simply a matter of typing them in. If it was that easy, it would have been done ages ago. We are doing all we can do to finish the cataloging /descriptive work so Price Codes can be listed with each manual. So, until then... NO PRICE CODE?? - GO TO Simple Purchasing Info in our Terms/Purchasing section.
About our Manuals Price Codes and Shipping Rate Charts
This section is to explain about our Price Codes, why we use them, how they work, and how you can best use them.
When we examine one of our original manuals for the first time, we make a detailed description of it's size, exactly how we will reproduce it, and possibly add additional notes, etc. We use our best judgment to assign a conservative and guaranteed quality rating for that exact item. We then assign a Price Code to that item.

We use a Price Code rather than assign a fixed price to each item for several reasons. The main reason is that it gives us the ability to adjust all prices up or down and/or adjust shipping costs by simply editing one page instead of recoding hundreds of web pages and 10's of thousands of items. We are located in the USA. The charts show a default shipping cost for that item for both domestic USA (also Canada) and another cost for International (every place that is not USA/Canada). It may also show an optional shipping costs for some. Some of those are Priority Mail instead of First Class, Priority Mail International instead of regular Letter Post Air, etc. In some cases Priority and PMI are the default.

When you click on a price code link in our Manuals Catalog, a small, fast loading page for that price code chart will load. You can use your browser's back button to immediately return to where you were. However, if you are browsing our catalog and looking at multiple items, we make a better way to use the price code charts. In addition to the individual pages, we have a All Price Codes Page page that contains all the charts on the same page. It is slower to load for you dial-up modem users. Page size is 133kb. All the smaller individual chart pages also have links to open the All Codes page.

It has several identical horizontal menus that look like this (except with working links)...

General Prices
Center Folded
Brochures Color
Brochures B/W
Mini User
Schematics Only

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