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Roxy - Bought her Pioneer THE RACK from a delaer closing a store.
Oh, here's a list of what's in my THE RACK:
Left side starting at the top:
Centrex by Pioneer RH-65 8-track Tape Deck
Pioneer RT-909 Tape Deck
Pioneer SG-9800 Graphic Equalizer
Pioneer SR-60 Reverberation Amplifier
Pioneer RG-2 Dynamic Processor

Recessed in THE RACK's shelf:
Pioneer PL-300 Stereo Turntable
Pioneer THE RACK in a home setting 
 Right side starting at the top:
Realistic 33-984C Highball Dynamic Unidirectional mics mounted on 24" goose-neck extensions
Pioneer CT-F1250 Cassette Tape Deck
Pioneer TVX-9500 TV Sound Tuner
Pioneer TX-9800 AM/FM Stereo Tuner
2 Pioneer DT-500 Audio Digital Timers
Pioneer SA-9800 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
The units in the rackClick here for additional THE Rack info.
Click on the thumbnails for a full size picture.
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