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Guy Usher - Confessions of an Audioholic
I love vintage audio gear. Big surprise. I use every piece I buy then after I get it debugged, cleaned up and running like a top I sell it, buy another and the circle continues.

Every time I buy something I get as wound up as I did when I bought my very first piece of audio gear. Then I get it home and all hooked up and running and I get bored. It doesn’t matter whether it is a 20 dollar receiver from a local yard sale or a 2000 dollar receiver after I get it up and running I am busy looking for something else to listen to and fiddle with.

I promise myself every time that “I am keeping this one” I bet I have said that a thousand times and the funny part is when I say it I am dead serious. I honestly think that way at first. I find all kinds of reasons to sell the piece and find something else. From “I need the money” to “Just a few dollars more and I could have this” “I could sell it for this, then buy that and put some money in my pocket”.

I can always justify it one way or the other. I just sold my new SX-5590 yesterday. Oh I justified it as I do need the money and it did go to an AK member, I will call Joe, actually his name is Joe. Joe is a collector, has a couple SX-1980s and loves vintage Pioneer. So I guess it’s alright as long as the buyer is an AK member and loves Pioneer receivers right??

I loved that 5590, loved listening to her in the big room but all the while I was scheming on her all the while wondering what I wanted next. Got my money, most of it anyway and she now has another happy home. When I bought her my every intention was to put her in the big room and leave her alone except to listen and enjoy. But guess what?? I am never out there so here we go again a big gorgeous receiver just sitting there looking pretty and not getting used. Seems like 99% of my listening occurs in my computer room/office and you know what happens after you hang around this forum very long?? “Man I like that” “I want one of them too” So I find one of “them” and we start all over again.

Now I do keep some stuff that I like, but I will tell you it had better be pretty damned good to stay in this house very long. My new heart throb is my new Kenwood KA-9100 that I had been looking for a nice one for quite awhile. I got to tell you that this guy has me still. I actually look forward to getting up in the morning so I can listen to her. I look forward to getting off work so I can listen to her again. So far that feeling is still very strong and actually I know that integrated amps suit me better than receivers. I can buy all sorts of audio pieces to hook to her at much lower prices than buying a different receiver each time I want a change. I might be lying through my teeth but I think this one is a keeper. I will say it has been a mighty long time since I looked forward to getting up in the morning just to listen to a stereo, a mighty long time.

Do I regret selling my favorite audio pieces? Certainly I do, I especially regret selling my favorite SA-9100, my 981 Rotel amps, my C-4 Yamaha preamp, my KT-917, my Sony TAE77ESD Preamp, my JBL L-112s, L-250s, and many others that might take all night to list. But it never fails that a piece like this KA-9100 comes along and eases the pain. I mean you can’t go back so you go forward always looking for that one piece that rings my bell.

Why am I telling you this? I guess because I realize that you people think I am nuts but the truth is I like it all and as long as I can afford to buy them I will continue enjoying all of it, maybe there will be a few keepers along the way. In the mean time I am having a ball enjoying every minute of it. Every day is like Christmas. I mean at least it’s not booze or some other vice like gambling, etc. At least I do get some return on my money. If buying and listening to vintage audio gear is a sin then so be it, I am a sinner. Could be worse, much worse. My habit is just a little habit.
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