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The very best way to know what you can expect to receive from us is by listening to what our customers say about us and our products. All customers don't send us comments after the sale, but many do. Note that unlike manuals sites that have customer comments mostly about the manual had what they needed, fast delivery, etc., most of ours are about the quality of their manual. Here is just a sampling of some unsolicited comments...

"Rick, Fantastic quality on the Akai GX-747 service manual and (and GX-747dbx) diagrams. In the past, I've paid almost this much for smeary PDF downloads with schematics (sloppily) broken into many disconnected pages. You are going to the top of my list of preferred sources. I'll let all my electronically minded buddies know as well. Thanks again!" - Steven Hirsch

"Rickster! I received my manual today, quite impressive! I'm a retired commercial printer and have printed anything that you could possibility name. Your screen resolution and line density are very good I suggest you raise the price on your manuals, your giving it away! I would have easily paid $35 (and no I'm going to send you the difference). Thanks again". - Scott Rezabeck

(Quote from message posted in ClassicStereo yahoo group) "Many of us get our manuals from Rick at: I have seen thousands of manuals in my 3 decades in the business and can honestly say the quality of his product is second to none. He will do his best to get you what you need."
Ken Bernacky, President
Stereo Surgeons, Inc.

(Quote from message posted in reeltoreel yahoo group) "Hello Fellow Reel to Reel People. I have just looked through a recent arrival of a Service Manual that was received from from Rick Stout. All I can say is this is the finest job of reproduction I have even seen. For those of you who intend to fix their own equipment and need a Service Manual, there is really no other place to turn to. The X-2000R manual I got off eBay was so poorly done that the schematics were a labor to work with even with magnifiers on. This is NOT the case with Rick's manuals! As a past Teac Service Technician having been used to reading printed manuals, these are on an equal basis. Excellent work Rick!"
Best regards,
Sam Palermo, Chief Engineer
Skywave Broadcast Engineering, Chicago
Past Teac/Tascam Service Technician still doing repairs.

PS. This is not a commercial.

To: Rick Stout, owner,

I have been engaged in the electronics service business since 1964. I have been, at one time or another, an authorized service representative for almost every domestic and international manufacturer of audio equipment. As such I have dealt with reams of OEM and after-market service publications. Many of those publications were marginal in both quality and information content. As the years passed, the content generally became better but even then, some of the OEM's ability to make a decently bound manual frequently left a great deal to be desired.

In 2003, I found you as a source for service documentation. My previous experiences with other vendors of after-market service manuals was often very disappointing. Quality of duplication, completeness, binding and response times for orders was barely acceptable in many cases, and sometimes... utterly useless!

When I received my first manual from you, I was very impressed. The print quality, binding, professional packaging and paperwork surpassed even my expectations. It was also better than most manuals I received from many of the OEM's that I had acted as a service representative for in previous years. In the years since, you have shipped many manuals to my shop. In almost every instance, you have been able to supply service documentation for whatever I needed even though it included some fairly uncommon models.

We both know there is a vast difference between what company X, Y, or Z decided to provide as service literature for their various models. In light of that, this is what I find interesting about your operation. Even though I don't require it, you insist on sending a detailed description of every manual before doing a transaction. You even assign an individually accessed quality rating to each one. I know of no other manuals vendor I have ever dealt with who does this.

In my opinion, you have a top-notch operation in both customer support and in product quality. I have never run across any other vendor that tops your operation. Keep supporting our desire to service and maintain our equipment in the manner that you are doing.

Feel free to use me as a reference and Thank You.

Mark A. Wilson
Absolute Sound Laboratories
[Serving The Audio Professional Since 1964]
4345 W. 127th Street
Savage, Minnesota 55378-1506 USA
Ph: (952) 894-5580 [Voice & Fax]
email: Restoration@AbSoundLabs.Com

Bob Fitzgerald (one of the founders) of the popular FM Tuner Information Center website posted this terrific message on their Yahoo Groups discussion forum concerning the quality of manuals. We also posted it here in case the Yahoo message ever disappears.
FMtuners High End FM Tuners
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From: "Bob Fitzgerald" <>
Date: Sat Jul 26, 2003 12:17 pm
Subject: Vintage Service Manuals

"If you guys have not worked with Rick Stout ( for vintage audio Service Manuals yet, I suggest you give him a try next time you need a manual. His quality is the best I have ever seen, and he will make SURE the schematic is fully readable when he sells the reproduction. Right now, for instance, he is the best source on the planet for readable copies of the (Kenwood) KT-917 Tuner schematic, which everyone knows is very hard to copy.

I also like the pricing model, which is dependent on the number of pages. Give him a try, I know he has extensive coverage of Kenwood, Pioneer, Marantz and many others, plus his newsflash page mentions he just acquired *3 tons* of additional vintage manuals.


(StereoManuals Note: We received this on a day it was "surely appreciated" after having had a couple of particularly surly folks giving us grief over the previous few days)

"Rick, it appears that the USER'S Manual you sent me is an original! And, to add "insult to injury," the copy of the SERVICE Manual is so perfect that it too, could easily pass for an original--to say nothing of the perfection of the Schematic Diagram you also included.

You are an honest Man who sells a GREAT product at a fair price. If you ever, and I mean EVER want a reference (not that you would need one!), please refer them to me. It's one thing to liberally quote the Word (in the face of jackals who fear and hate it's truth), but it takes a really special sort of person to live up to that standard. Many are called but few are chosen.

Congratulations... YOU are an honest, forthright & reliable guy. Blessings upon you and your family. By the way if you'd like, I will box up what few manuals I have and send them to you to be copied and sold--it's the least I can do and I always seem to do the least  :)

Your friend (I hope), customer and continued future customer",
Hank Batts, Tennessee, Retired TV Studio Technician and FMTuners discussion group regular

The US Recording Media website links to our site and says this.. "We've received manuals (Ampex ATR-700) from this company and they were clear, professionally binded and well worth the price.".

(Note from StereoManuals: US Recording Media is probably the largest supplier of analog tape products in the country. We encourage you recording enthusiasts to support their business and help keep analog Reel to Reel alive and prospering in this day and age of digital everything.)

"Rick, Teac CX-650R Cassette Service Manual received Tuesday, 1 Apr 08. Item quality far exceeds the quality rating assigned in your item description. Excellent transaction - you definitely have a "happy camper" on this end. I'm sure we'll be doing business again." - Ray Hoyt, Snohomish, Washington

"Hi Rick, I just want to say great job on the manual I received. I agree with your other customers and say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I have purchased service manuals directly from manufacturers and their copies are no comparison to yours. Plus, your prices are very reasonable. Again GREAT JOB!!! Thanks" - Randy Bordas, Bordas TV Electronics

"I admire the dickens out of your operation, I surely love your site, and I am tickled to have your superior products, the best there is. You get vibes from things, and folks, and I just got good vibes from you and yours, and it is a great comfort to me to know good folk, and I may be wrong as rain, but, I think you all are good folk. Period." -- Charles Baird

"Dear Rick, Recently I ordered a service manual for an Adcom GFA-535 amplifier. I paid for it on Wednesday, and somehow, magic I guess, the thing showed up in my mailbox on Thursday. Amazing. The manual itself is very nicely made, clear as a bell, and sturdy. Last night I worked on the amplifier, which belongs to a friend and had been blowing fuses. With the help of the manual you sent, I had the amp running properly again in no time at all. Thanks for the great service." -- Steve Roehrig

"I just wanted to let you know that you & your company are the manual GODS! This manual (Pioneer RT-707 Service Manual) is absolutely Beautiful! It far exceeds what I could have ever printed from that CD I bought. I'll tell you this I don't care how long I have to wait. I will order from you guys again anytime, which may be very soon just as soon as I know what I need for service manuals or even owner's manuals. Thanks Rick! "You're The Man"! Have A Great Day!" --Jim Siller

"Rick, I received the manuals today. (StereoManuals note: Without ever seeing a single product of ours, he trusted the information on this Customer Comments page and placed his 1st order for 26 cassette & reel to reel service manuals) That was actually faster than I was expecting. They are indeed the best quality manuals I've seen, and I have been buying quite a few, from many sources. For instance the schematics and drawings are even more legible than originals sometimes are. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this carefully and put them all together in a short time. I'll certainly buy more manuals from you, in the future." - Victor Trifu

Victor did indeed buy more manuals! Eight months later (the day this is posted), the number is up to 72 (2006 update = 123). His latest unsolicited remarks...

"The box of service manuals you sent was delivered yesterday, as always the manuals are of ultra-high quality! I can tell how much attention and care you guys (and gals) put into this, it's greatly appreciated. Too bad you don't have all the manuals in the world, I would get all the ones I need from you :) If everyone would put the kind of passion you put in what you do, things would be so much better in this world. Thanks." - Victor

We now have a page on our site for Victor's decks. Check it out here.

"Shipping time = Instant shipper, A+. Packaging = Superb, A+ Careful packing of manuals in a cardstock envelope with a stiffener board, enclosed within a paper mailing envelope. Address label taped to envelope. All obvious indicators of a company that is in business to satisfy customers, not just get it out the door. Quality = A+ Exceeds original factory manuals. Paper quality = Excellent. Contrast = Excellent. The reproduction manuals are clearer than the factory manuals. Communication = A+ Outstanding, very friendly, customer oriented. Ease of ordering = A+ Couldn't have been any easier. Thanks for a great product." - Bob Serrell

"Hi Rick, OK, it's been almost a week now since I received the 4th Edition Pioneer Spec Bible and I'm just coming up for air! What a great reference document! Well worth the cost. It's also been a little while since I've received all the service manuals I ordered. They have worked out great, are very clear, complete and legible. Now I can breath some new life into some of these older classic I have. Thanks again for your great service and great products! Best regards," - Dave Kakenmaster

"Rick, The manual for the Pioneer unit I was repairing was just what I needed and the condition is excellent. Your price is also half of what Pioneer wanted. I was so impressed that I gave your name to another serviceman." - Tom Opheim

"Hi Rick, First of all let me thank you and your company for providing support for the classic audio gear like my Accuphase E-202. I really appreciate having the possibility of having my 27 year old AMP restored. The service manual you made available will be invaluable for my TECH friend in the pursuit of a repair. Secondly, as you already know, the manual is of very high quality, the speed to which you got it to me was first class. I have bookmarked your page and my Tech friend is sure to have use for your service again. Thanks again". - Joe Heroux

"Thanks for the fast service of expediting the manuals I ordered. 3 days from order to delivery. The quality of these manuals for my 1974 era Kenwood KR-7400 is excellent. The service manual contains many small schematics, and all the values of the components can be read. Had this particular manual had any color in it I would have not been able to differentiate it from the original. Thanks again" - Dan

"Hi Rick, I just wanted to let you know the manual (Kenwood KT-615 Service Manual) arrived today and all I can say is WOW! It is much better than I anticipated. To quote a line from a classic movie (Blazing Saddles) - "Mongo impressed!" I have bought manuals from other sources that advertised high quality but they don't come close to the quality of this one. Now for the fun part - fixing my tuner. Thanks again." - Joe Huser

8-10-2003 -The popular website named as their preferred source for manuals and said the quality is the best they have seen. The comment placed on their home page read:

" TIC's favorite source of manuals for vintage audio equipment, including Kenwood, Pioneer, Marantz and many others, is Rick Stout's The quality of Rick's copies is the best we've seen, and he makes sure that even difficult-to-copy schematics are fully readable..."

"Hello Rick, I wish you and your family a most pleasant and delightful Christmas! You may recall the business below with the Technics RS-1700 manuals. I am pleased to report the machine has been restored to proper working order with the help of the service data from your good self. All in all a most wonderful equation - happy Rick, happy technician, happy owner of tape deck. Best regards," - Jason Boyd, Ultra Systems, Australia. (Jason is an EE with 30 years servicing recording studios and concert sound equipment plus other high-end audio).

"When I need manuals, is my first stop. Rick is the most meticulous, dedicated to *best efforts* reproductions of classic audio manuals you are likely to find anywhere. His specialty is Classic 70's Pioneer gear, then Reel to Reel from all companies, followed by whatever from many companies. Highly recommended source for all your manual needs." - Bob Toepfer - Vintage Electronics

"Hi Rick, I wanted to let you know that I received manuals (Pioneer SA-8800 User Manual, Sales Brochure & Pioneer RG-2 Dynamic Processor User Manual) over the weekend and they are outstanding! The Sales Brochure on the Pioneer SA-8800 absolutely floored me! If I did not know that this was a copy of an original I would swear that this was the real thing. The quality of the copy work, assembly of the materials, paper stock and colors are fantastic. Your workmanship and attention to detail should be used as a benchmark for all. Once again you have exceeded my expectations in quality and service, I look forward to coming back for more as I have several other Pioneer pieces that I would like to add to my literature collection. I have been a fan of silver Pioneer components since I purchased my first receiver (SX-450) more than 25 years ago. I am finally able to purchase some of the more "special" , high-end pieces, that I could only dream of owning in those days. You're providing a wonderful service to all collectors by keeping the magic of the silver era alive and well for all that have been bitten by the silver bug!.... :) Thanks again." Serge Barlas

Hello Rick, I received, about a week or so ago, the manuals I ordered, and I am pleased to let you know that they did have the information I needed. I could not be more pleased with and grateful for your assistance. Please feel free to use any of the following, even my name if you choose, as feedback on your website. I received the reproduction manuals I had ordered from stereo manuals promptly, well packaged and meticulously assembled. They were clearly pages right out of a genuine original. The manuals are a great value, but even they are eclipsed by the level of service I received when I needed additional information. Rick corresponded directly and promptly with me through five or six e-mails, and not a canned answer among them. When he needed clarification on my needs, he even took the time to personally call me. He took the time to fully understand the help I needed and provide thorough advise on possible solutions. It turned out that I needed information on a third party component of the device I had originally ordered a manual for. Rick courteously explained that to me and helped me determine which of several possible other manuals might have the best chance of having the information I needed. He never misrepresented that he could know for certain that they had my answer, but in the end, they did. Rick's professional, courteous and genuinely helpful service was like a breath of fresh air. If this sounds like an endorsement, it is. Lawrence Burt

"Hello, I received the Pioneer SX-850 Service Manual and operating instructions yesterday and am just dropping you a line to thank you for your prompt service. The service manual in particular is very high-quality, as well as very informative (they sure don't make them like the used to, eh?). With the help of the service manual, I was able to quickly locate the malfunctioning section of my receiver, and should have it up and running once I can get it over to my friend's house to hook up a scope and do some soldering. Anyway, keep up the good work, and good luck to you with your stereo manuals business. Thanks," Ethan

"Hello monsieurs et madames (if any... :). Just my 2 cents to say here that I bought 5 service manuals for my audio equipment from Rick there, I paid November 23th and 5 days later they were waiting here in the post office (I live in Spain). And the most important, its quality is the most that can be achieved with the actual printing methods, so I have to say that it's really worth the extra price that I paid compared to the other literature you could find out there. Of course, highly recommended. Thanks, Rick and staff". - Nochant

"Dear Friends at Stereomanuals! You have asked for a feedback, so here it is: Thank you guys for the excellent job. You made my friend, a Brazilian, non English speaking electronic-technician-turned-rehearsal-studio-owner very, very happy! This friend of mine is "resurrecting" the Akai MG1212 electronics (mainly the power transformer) and adding a Revox transport, due to its larger/wider reel, to use in his rehearsal/ demo recording studio. Poor, improvised, but cherished nonetheless! Your manual came in handy, fast and complete with charts, schematics, all that he needed. You should have seen the shine in his eyes! A true "child in a candy store". Please, keep up the good work!" - Eron Silva, Ferrari Technologies do Brasil

"Hello, Thank you for providing the best customer service experience I’ve ever had online and this comes from a veteran internet shopper. I look forward to using the manual I bought to keep my Marantz in working order for what I hope to be many decades of listening pleasure. Regards," - Scott Brinkley, Canton, Ohio

"Hi Rick! I just want to let you know all seven Marantz manuals arrived safely today! They arrived in great shape; and I AM VERY PLEASED!!!!!! The FIVE original manuals are as nice as they can be for being THIRTY + years old! VERY NICE!!!! And, your TWO reproduction manuals are better than I had hoped for! GREAT WORK!!!!! So, Rick, I want to thank you again for "hunting down" the five ORIGINAL MARANTZ manuals for me, and, for having such great reproductions! I WILL BE BACK IN THE FUTURE, FOR MORE MANUALS!!!! Take care and all the very best to you!" - Alan Dale

"Many thanks Rick. I received my (Akai GX-646 Reel to Reel User) Manual today. Wow! Fast shipping and it was perfect. The manual has been instantly useful. You guys are outstanding. I'm trying to buy an old Sansui receiver, if I get, I'll be back looking for a manual for it. Thanks again." - Rick Nunnally

"Rick, I'm sure you've heard it before and I know you'll hear it again. You do a remarkable job on copying those (Sansui TU-717) small and detailed schematics. The right equipment and skill to use it really pays off! The duplicate schematic was a nice touch since it gets used so much it's great to have a fresh one in reserve. Thank You," - John Huntoon

"The service you have given me and the quality of the (Pioneer CT-F1250 service) manual you sent is absolutely superb. I could not have solved the problems with my cassette deck without this manual. Fantastic goods and service. I'd recommend you to anyone! Thank you very much!!! If I need anything else in the future - manuals, literature or just info, I'll be in touch with you guys!!! All the best, and have a good Christmas & New Year. Regards from England" L.B.

"Hi Rick, Just got from the Postman your strong envelope with all manuals set for the Pioneer RT-909. They are perfect, resembling original ones. Thanks for the quick and confidential service, unexpected in an overseas trade (Italy) and considering today's standard. No doubt, I'll use your service again!" - Massimo D. Follaro - Rome, Italy

"Hi Rick. The TEAC manuals (A-5500 /A-5300 Reel to Reel Service Manual) arrived yesterday. WOW! I couldn't believe the superb quality of the reproductions. The schematics are sharp and crisp and the binding is excellent. Thanks so much. I feel I can now "breath" new life into an old classic tape deck using the information. Be assured I will check your website first should I ever require another manual." Richard in Tucson

"Hi, I was just looking through the Pioneer SX-D5000 service manual. It must have been a struggle doing all those foldouts. You must have some patience and dexterity? Excellent quality and service. Regards," Philip Rosbottom -  United Kingdom

"Got the Akai GX-77 User Manual, Service Manual and Sales Brochure. The work and quality is outstanding. If I ever need another manual, you will be the first place I look. Thanks much," Leonard

"Dear Mr. Stout, I'm writing to let you know that I am very happy with the manual I ordered from you. It is complete, the reproduction is clean, sharp and properly registered, and it is assembled in a thoroughly usable format, with stout covers (no pun intended) and foldout pages laid out properly. The smallest detail in the diagrams is perfectly legible. I'm convinced that it is the functional equivalent of the original. I'm quite happy to have discovered your company, because as a collector and restorer of both coarse- and micro-grooved records, I need to keep all my various turntables in good working condition, and I can't do that without the proper service information at hand. Now I know where to find it. Cordially," - Rob Spencer

"To tell you the truth Rick, I had completely forgotten about that. Actually it was you who was dissatisfied with the quality of the print-job of that sales brochure. I never even gave it a second thought, but the credit is appreciated. You are a man of high ethical standards and much to be admired. In this business one sometimes feels like Diogenes and on occasion like a blind pig finding an acorn, one finds a truly honest man. Anyway thanks for the credit and keep up the good work. God's Blessings be upon you and yours," - Will Malven

"Rick, Parcel received. Nice job on the Sony TC-765 manual. It looks complicated to have reproduced but your efforts are worth the price. Now if only I can decipher what I need to know about getting the deck to light up and run again." Jon Archibald

"Hi Rick, I just wanted to say that the Pioneer QM-800A and QC-800C service manuals that I ordered arrived today, they are just totally awesome. They will come in handy if and when these classic Pioneer quad amp and pre amp need any repairs. They give all the operating instructions and hook up diagrams, and all of the circuits with each type of resistor, capacitor, and specs for each. I recently purchased the Pioneer QM-800A 4-channel power amp and QC-800A pre amp. I have 4 matching Pioneer CS99A speakers, and a Pioneer TX7500 tuner. I didn't think I would ever own this system again, but thanks to eBay and, I have it again plus more. I really forgot how good this equipment sounds, much better than the newer plastic junk, plus it looks as good as it sounds. Keep up the good work. It's nice to know that someone out there is providing a greatly needed service for those of us who appreciate classic audio." John DeLap

"Rick, Pioneer PDR-W739 Multi CD Service Manual received. Great job. It could easily pass for original. Except for binding - yours is probably better than original. Thanks again." Cornelius Morton

"Hi Rick, The Manual arrived this afternoon(10/04/2007)without any shipping/handling damage. The manual itself, is excellent. The binding, printing, diagrams, and circuit board images are near perfect. It is just as you described. Thank you very much. It is wonderful to deal with a person that you can trust. Thanks again." - Vernie Neece

"Hi, Just received my Kenwood 8100 SM/SI and the packaging and service and product are all AAAAA++++. It is so great to deal with such a great company that honestly offers a product with such quick and great service. I am grateful. My request at this time is for a reproduction service manual for Kenwood Supreme Model 500 amplifier. I would hope that schematics of some sort are included. I await your response and am anticipating another super transaction. P.S. I've become a de facto salesman as I'm advising all others interested in manuals to deal with you. Hurray for (how's that for team spirit?). Best Regards," - Lance DeTrude

"Hello Rick, I just wanted send you an e-mail regarding your manuals. I am very pleased with the purchased manuals and schematics. They are properly bound, very clear reproductions, and are well worth the cost. Your communication regarding the transaction was excellent and everything was delivered in a timely fashion. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Best regards". - Adrian Hetzel

"Dear Sir, I received my Sony TC-252 service manual yesterday and it certainly was beyond my expectations. The quality and clarity were excellent. There was nothing in the schematic that I could not see or not understand. You can get a schematic poorly copied that is the same as not have one at all. I have state of the art equipment in my house, but also going back even to the Webcor wire recorders of the late 40's and early 50's. I love these old machines and still use them on a regular basis. You are providing an extremely valuable service to others and people like myself. Regards," Wallace Murray, Jr.

"Rick, I received my manuals today for my newly-acquired Marantz 2252B. Unlike many other models, manuals for this receiver are not widely available. Still you produced a pair of fine quality, complete manuals. Thank you for showing such care in your work. I hope that many years pass before I need to consult the Service Manual, but I am confident that your book will serve me well, if that day comes." - Ernie Burke

"Hi Rick, First let me tell you that I received the manuals (Teac X-1000R and Tascam BR-30). They are spectacular!!! Really. Excellent!! I am VERY happy :-). Rest assured that I will come back whenever I need a manual! Thank you very much again." - Horacio

"Hi Rick, Just to let you know I received the manuals today and am VERY pleased with them. This will enable me to have many hours of pleasure from the two PL-112D's that I own. Thank you for the great e-mails and for being so prompt. May God's grace and mercy follow you in everything you do". - Rick

"Rick, Fabulous service... I commend you, and thank you, for such top-shelf customer service. The documents were received today and are exactly what I was hoping for. Please feel free to quote me. Many thanks". - Bruce.

"In case I haven't responded before, the two Marantz manuals I ordered from you arrived in great condition, as you described, some days ago. I am delighted with your product and will recommend you whenever the opportunity arises. Good luck with your enterprise. Feel free to share this note with prospective customers. Kind regards". - Ed Miller

"Dear Rick, I have received all the three (Marantz 1180DC, Marantz 1120 and Marantz 1122DC) service manuals in immaculate condition. Thank you very much for your prompt service and all the trouble that you took for me. Thank you once again for your excellent service". - Murtaza

"Rick, Item was received today, thank you very much, it is even better quality than I would have thought for a reproduction. Your communication through this process was well above average, and the turn around time was very quick. Once again thank you". - Scott

"Hello Rick, I just wanted to thank you for the OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! Let me just say that all of your manuals and brochures are of top quality. Thanks again and have a great evening. Sincerely". - Vincent Locacius

"Fast professional international transaction, as easy as it gets. Excellent top quality service manual, highly recommended. Thanks and regards". - Geoff Walker, Melbourne, Australia

"As always Rick has access to some of the most obscure information (Teac LS-350 /LS-400 Speaker Sales Brochure). I don't believe there is anyone out there has a better stock of stuff than Rick. If you don't think someone has something just give him a try he just might have it. Thanks again for great service". - Tom Fisher

"Rick, Sorry, I don't have my number handy. I just wanted to thank you for getting the wonderful copy of the Sherwood S-7125 service manual to me so quickly. I received it yesterday and found it to be exactly what I was looking for to keep my receiver in working order. It's a breath of fresh air to find such customer care". - Larry Ridley

"Hi Rick, Just received my user's manual for the Sony TC-377. To say that I'm pleased would be an understatement. Thanks for the fast, personal service which is sorely lacking in most businesses today. If I need anything in this line, will certainly contact you first. Thanks," - Ray

"Rick, I received the manuals yesterday. They are absolutely excellent! The color brochure is even better than the original! The wait was worth it! The complete package was absolutely super for the RT-909. Thanks," - David

"Rick, The service manual for my Kenwood 9600 is awesome. It will be invaluable for the refurbishing of my vintage receiver. I'll let you know when it is up and running. Best wishes for your moms recovery. Thank you". - Rod Fladwood

"Hi Rick, The Manuals that I bought from you for the the AKAI M-9 & Dokorder 8010 are terrific & well worth the money. Thanks," John A. (Jack) Mc Gonigle

"Rick, Parcel received: Nice job on the Sony TC-765 Reel to Reel Service Manual - It looks complicated to have reproduced but your efforts are worth the price. Now if only I can decipher what I need to know about getting the deck to light up and run again." - Jon

"Hey, Rick... Pioneer RT-707 Service Manual received in fine order. You folks are alright in my book. Have a great '03" - Craig Still

"Dear Rick, I apologize to you for not getting back sooner but we have had computer problems. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the prompt service you provided regarding the Akai GX-77 service manual that you sent me. The manual itself shows great detail and definition and it exceeded my expectations. Sincerely yours," - Bevan J Gosling New Zealand.

"Hi, Rick, I got the Tandberg 3000X Service Manual today. All I can say is "wow!" You put out a first class product! I plan to order all my service manuals from now on from you, and I'll certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a manual. I will also tell Isao that he should refer people to you on his (Sansui) website. Thanks again," - Warren Bendler

"Hi Rick, Received the manual today. As always, GREAT. Have never seen any as good. Keep up the good work. Many thanks & a Happy New Year." - James Ward

"Right you are! Here's a quote you can use if you choose:  A lost shipment was promptly replaced and the manuals were excellent copies. Many thanks; I will definitely return for future documentation searches. It's OK with me if you show my name. Sincerely," Micael Miron

"Rick, I'm very impressed with the quality of the Pioneer SPEC 4 service manual you sent (and your service). To me, it's every bit as legible as the original would be!  As you probably know (delivery confirmation), I got it today. The Pioneer SPEC 1 info is great as well. I will buy from you in the future and recommend you to all!  I was really surprised that you mailed the manual before you received payment...something you always take a chance doing.  I do hope you've received my payment by now, but if you didn't get it today it should be there by tomorrow. Thanks again and take care...I'll be back in touch." - Don

"Hi Rick,  I received the manual. It's great. I'm very satisfied and would recommend you to anyone looking for a manual for a vintage piece of equipment. Thanks for your help." - Frank Dana

"Yes - I received the manuals and just as you said they were superbly made copies. A very nice job. Thank you. Do you have a manual for the Akai GX-747 reel to reel tape machine because I bought someone else's crappy photocopy - it even had some pages missing. Thanks," - Mark

"Dear Rick, The other manual I bought from xxxxx was not as good as yours. I just kept it and decided to not do business with him anymore." -  Rodney

"Rick, Thanks very much for getting that 5th manual out to me. Please don't beat yourself up about the delay or missing manual. Before I contacted you to buy these, I reviewed your feedback and I knew that you were a very well-respected seller. You have communicated to me regarding all the issues that have come up in getting this order out and I have not been worried about dealing with you, on the contrary you have been a pleasure to deal with. Yes I will come back if I need more equipment manuals and I would recommend you to others. I have been in printing for 25 years, and I know there are so many variables and things can easily go wrong. And a quality oriented person like yourself tries to make everything just right. Your manuals are very well done. So you have no complaints from me...just catch up on your sleep before the next time I order...!!!!! Thanks" - Bob

"Rick,  Thank you very much for the prompt action concerning these manuals. I am very pleased that it took only 4 days from the time I inquired about them until I received them. This includes two weekend day. Your response at my inquiry was exemplary. In addition, I was very happy with the manuals when I received them. They are excellent in every respect. This is the second time that I have ordered manuals from you. Each time has been a good experience. I will definitely continue to use your service. Thank you very much." - Jim Lindsay

"I wanted to send you notification and thanks for the fabulous manuals you produce.  I received them very promptly, thanks for the priority shipping, and they are way better than I expected. The high quality reproduction of even the very small print in these manuals makes using them a pleasure, got to be as good as the originals.  The great service you provide to your customer is a really great deal - I've ordered copies of manuals from the manufacturers and they are the pits, often very grainy and difficult to read.  I will never again go anywhere else for manuals. One stop shopping, that's what I like." - Phil

"Hey man, these manuals are quality! Well worth the money. Best reproductions I've ever seen. Rick you delivered. Thanks and have a blessed new year!" - Jack

"Rick, I received the manuals today on the Pioneer RT-701 deck. Well done! All drawings and diagrams are very clear, even those that are typically very difficult to copy properly. You can be assured that my future vintage audio needs will be directed to you. Again, my thanks." - Patrick

"Rick, I should be thanking you! You delivered what you said, and quickly as promised, I appreciate that. After seeing and holding the manuals you sent me, I'm glad the government has made our currency harder to duplicate. I may not have the original but only you and I know. The paper and layout seemed to be an exact replica, the fold-out pages for the schematics were perfectly executed. The print and graphics appeared to have no degradation, they were sharp and easy to read. It was stapled better than some OEM manuals you get with equipment now. Anyone looking for a manual that this man has duplicated will not be disappointed, They're not photocopies they're works of art. I hope the comments will help, I do mean them. Thanks again." - Jon

"Rick, I have just received the manuals in the mail and they arrived safe and sound. I have to tell you that I am absolutely overwhelmed!!!!! They are much more than what I could have hoped for. I actually felt like I was handling originals! I compared them to some of the other Pioneer manuals (originals) that I have and it was incredible. I will have no problem at all recommending your copies to any one that asks." - Erich

"WOW!!! That Pioneer RT-707 service manual is something else. It looks better than I can imagine an original looking! I was knocked out! Looks like a whole lot of work to me. I'll get you some raving positive feedback." "WOW-WOW-WOW!!! His manual repros are incredible! You won't be disappointed! Thanks - Jerry  (

"Rick, Manuals showed up and are just as perfect as I had expected they'd be from you. A perfectionist you are... as myself. Manuals are as nice as the originals.!! Thanks again." - Greg (Note from Rick... Greg is gvon on eBay. The #1 seller of Pioneer RT-909 Reel to Reel decks in America.

"Rick, You are good. Yes, I did purchase two Pioneer RT-909 User Manuals from you and one from (name withheld) who sells these on eBay all the time so I could compare. No comparison.  His are superior to yours.  Just joking. It's the reverse. His are not nearly as clear and don't contain the schematics. It was sort of a test. You should be proud of your efforts and products. I am certain you are. I will continue to purchase from the (theman1). Thanks for the lovely service manual as well for the PL-570 turntable manual. Very nice." - Greg

"Yes, I'm very happy with both of them. I'm sure my tech will find the service manual very useful when he's working on my set. They're both excellent quality and they rival the originals in my opinion. The colors are excellent, it sure beats a normal photocopy. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again," -  John

"Rick, Victor said the Revox A-700 manual (172 page) was an excellent reproduction. He is an extremely detail-oriented person. Keep up the good work. Thanks," - Warren

"I got the manuals and as usual, they exceeded my expectations. I hope to do more business with you. Thank you," - Doug


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