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Contact Us Information
BEFORE emailing us,
Please take 15-30 seconds to at least read the...
#1 - #8 Bullet Points below.
 Common Sense Email Suggestions Section

We keep making them
and bigger
hoping the other folks (not you of course)
will be able to see them.
We welcome any kind of communications from you, but... if you have questions /comments about anything other than purchasing manuals, check the FAQ before writing.

Expect a reply fairly quickly. We reply to many within a few minutes (REALLY), others within a few hours, and almost all by at least the next day or so. We often respond to emails any time of the day or night, 7 days per week, but please do allow for regular business hours, weekends, holidays, etc. Eastern time, USA.
Don't assume we didn't reply
We know many of our replies are not being read because they were filtered into spam/trash folders. Many spam filters are overly aggressive and dump legitimate emails. If you aren't willing to look there for our reply or carefully check before deleting your spam/trash folder contents, then you assume we didn't bother to send a reply and this makes us look bad.
Our reply subject line will usually start with something like this...
StereoManuals Case #070425032118


Folks, these are just COMMON SENSE EMAIL SUGGESTIONS. Perhaps you never considered such a thing as "email etiquette". Please don't say you HOPE you are asking properly, or "following all the rules". It isn't our "rules", it's just common sense.

#1 - If you are you a PREVIOUS CUSTOMER, please mention it.
It is to your advantage and ours to have accurate, consolidated customer records. We often recognize previous customers, but may not for a big variety of reasons. If you have a new email account or shipping address, it would be great if you update us. Additionally, you might receive a discount or free shipping or some other perk. We have be known to send free printed manuals, or PDF's, or perhaps enlarged schematics even though not normally included, or other things. Such perks are not a stated "policy", but is just something we often do when the whim strikes us.

NOT USING AN EASY-TO-IDENTIFY SUBJECT LINE increases the chance of your email getting DUMPED AND NEVER READ. Every day we get emails with subject lines that are BLANK OR SIMILARLY USELESS. For instance, "Re:", "blank", "manual", "availability", "inquiry", "price", etc are NOT HELPFUL because 90+% of of our legitimate emails ARE inquiries about manual availability and price. Use a "SPECIFIC" subject line something  like these...

  • "Pioneer SX-1250 service manual"
  • "need 8 Sansui manuals"
  • "Sony reel to reel user manual"
  • "Teac mixer"
  • "Marantz 2385 service"
  • "17 models price inquiry"

#3 - Please... no   L   O   N   G  subject lines.
You may be using a web-based email interface or other email client that shows long subject lines in their entirety, but that does not mean everybody else does. We use MS Outlook. As we use it, only about 2 inches of subject line is visible without tediously scrolling sideways in a tiny area. HOWEVER, we can INSTANTLY SEE all the content of your "message area" simply by clicking on the message.

#4 - Put your message... IN THE MESSAGE AREA, not the subject line.
Feel free to write as much or as little as suits you
. We read fast so it's no problem if you write a long message... even a long story about discovering a passion for audio gear in the military PX in Germany, etc. We are friendly and enjoy such messages and might even post them on our site with your permission.

#5 - DO NOT just say "MANUAL". Tell us "exactly" what you want.

  • Company Name (Do not assume we know we "just know")
  • Model Number (equipment model number of back or front of unit)
  • then (usually)... one of these
  • User Manual (owners manual, operating instructions, etc.)
  • Service Manual (schematics, fix-it information, etc.)
  • Sales Brochure (advertising, marketing information piece, etc.)

#6 - TELL US if you have already seen our item description & price & shipping.
If you want to purchase an item AND have ALREADY SEEN THE DESCRIPTION AND PRICING on our web site... just tell us to send you an email invoice AND that you already saw the item info, etc. We can then invoice you without further ado. This saves us (and you) the additional steps of us having to lookup the information, then put it all together and sending you a reply email with the same information you have already seen. Besides being a time-waster, it causes unnecessary delays while we wait for you to reply to an email you didn't even need to receive. If you are want to purchase and have already seen the information, all we need to do is send you an email invoice.

#7 - What COUNTRY do you live in?
50% of inquires we receive lack this fundamental information. Folks, this isn't rocket science. We are in the USA and charge the same shipping cost to USA & Canada. We charge an Interntional shipping cost to ALL other countries. If you do not tell us what country you live in, how are we to know what shipping cost will be to you?

#8 - We usually reply quickly. But if you don't see our reply within a day or so,
read Email Ain't Perfect!!, then write us back.


Contact Link


You at least spent 15 seconds reading the BIG YELLOW Bullet Point THINGIES above because you read quickly, are extra sharp, and catch on fast...

Or you spent 30 seconds because you are an average ordinary person and catch on at an average rate.

Or you spent 60 seconds reading all the bullet points and sub-text because you were convinced there must be a hidden trick message of some sort... otherwise, why would anybody make a Contact Us page like this one.


Alrighty then, all together now...
 "I WILL NOT just say "manual".
 I WILL SAY... I want a SERVICE MANUAL (fix-it info)
or I WILL SAY...I want a USER MANUAL (operating info).
or I WILL SAY... I want both or all available documents

Click this link to contact us.

Some or ALL the above BIG YELLOW THINGS are a problem with about 75% of all inquiries we receive. We are trying to be humorous about it, but if you do not tell us what kind of manual you want and where you live, then we may reply with no information other than to ask if you happened to notice any of the BIG YELLOW THINGS...

If clicking the link does not open your default email program,
then start a new email and type the address in the "to line".


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