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Charlie in PA - We are dinosaurs or, Where's the Music
I've been following your site, and really like the "your pages" addition recently. When everyone went from vinyl, 8-track, cassette, and reel, to the modern digital format, IMO it just killed the music scene locally here for us.

Instead of people cruising around with a box of tapes in the car, people wouldn't be caught dead with analog tape of any type in the vehicle. In the same vein, no one would darest play an LP or analog tape at home while entertaining. It was just "taboo" to do so after the CD was introduced. So most people just put the stuff away. And with CD's costing $15 or more each, they never DID replace the library of music they had. It would cost me $20,000 or more myself to do so...

Here's my point: MOST PEOPLE OF MY AGE GROUP, JUST STOPPED LISTENING TO MUSIC as often, I'm 41. I felt like a freak of sorts, playing LP's and cassettes at home. And heaven forbid, I even took out my 8-tracks from time to time. Well the internet has brought people like us all together again, like it was in the 1970's. Back then, a Pontiac GTO and a Pioneer component system really meant something !! You were considered a king !! And it's nice to know, there's quite a few of us left out there. My heart goes out to any receiver I see laying in a garage sale, thrift store, or flea mart. I end up bringing the unit home, every time.

I'm sure I can go out and find a good modern system at an affordable price, but it would NEVER be as well built as the 1970's stuff was. To get that quality, I'd have to spend thousands of dollars. The old 70's stuff just looked the part, and back then, the music just sounded so much better through it. Like another contributor said, that "missing quality". The bands back then, worked harder on the music, they played better, and wrote better, and were superior musicians. Let's face it, where is today's Jimmy Page, or Hendrix ?? nada...

I have added to /upgraded my system recently. With an Akai reel to reel machine ! (chuckle)

We are dinosaurs, someday the last Pioneer will play one last classic rock tune off of vinyl or analog tape, then the sound will disappear from the earth forever- to be replaced by synthesized digital sound. But until then, let's make big, deep tracks. We don't have to hasten the process !

Take care, great site, rock on....

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