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1 - Click Manuals/Stuff For Sale in the top menu which is on every page of our site. Click on Reproduction Manuals Catalog or Original Manuals. Pick the company you are looking for. Browse the lists if available. If not list yet or you can't find what you want or there is no price, you will need to contact us.

2 - Check the various sections of the Terms/Purchasing section if you have questions. (See menu on the left side of this page)

3 - Click FAQ/Contact Us link in the top menu which is on every page of our site.

4 - WE get LOADS of email, so read the Frequently Asked Questions for your answers before writing to ask the same questions.

5 - Use a specific and useful subject line. (i.e. 4 Sansui service manuals, Pioneer wish list, SX-1280 User Manual, Technics SL-xxx turntable service manual, etc. PLEASE DO NOT leave a blank subject line or use something unhelpful like... 'manual, service, availability, inquiry, price, do you have'... or other generic, overused & unhelpful.

6 - Tell us exactly what literature items you want. Be sure to say whether you want USER or SERVICE or BROCHURE. Please don't just say "manual".

7 - Tell us to what COUNTRY the order would ship. There is no particular need to send your full address information at this time but you may if you wish. IT IS to your advantage to tell us if you are a previous customer, whether as a direct sales customer or via eBay auctions.

8 - IF YOU ARE A PREVIOUS CUSTOMER, please tell us and if your shipping address, email address, etc. has changed. If so, what were the previous ones? What are the new ones? By the way, your name is not unique. We have many customers with exactly the same names. We can't always correctly identify you with only your name.

9 - If you use an email provider that blacklists whole blocks of IP addresses, uses aggressive Spam Blocking techniques, uses White Lists, uses Permission lists, uses some "action required" procedure, etc... you may not be able to receive our reply. Examples of such providers are AOL, EarthLink and others. If you send us an email from such an account, have the common courtesy to add us to your "white list" of approved email senders and/or check your Spam or Trash folders.

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