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It may be to your advantage to provide the OPTIONAL INFORMATION above for several reasons.

FIRST - It really helps us be more efficient.

SECOND - We wish to 'know' our customers. We can best do that by maintaining accurate records. We also wish to match our past (or future) eBay customer records with our direct purchase customer records.

In other words, we would like to have all your purchases reflected in one customer record instead of multiple ones. As our customer base grows, we have an increasing number of customers with identical or similar names.

At any given time when the mood strikes, previous customers may receive a discount (or larger discount) on purchase price or shipping costs, or something free, or some additional perk or added benefit. We *may* at some point in time email some or all of our customers with a special announcement or unadvertised benefit. It might help a lot to be able to pick up the telephone and call you to resolve any problem about your purchase.

THIRD - Accurate customer information is necessary because, as our customer base grows, we have many customers with highly similar or identical names.

Example: We once shipped the same manual to two different customers with the same name, to the same city, on the same day.

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