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PayPal (owned by online auction giant, eBay) is an online payment processing company with more than fifty million customer accounts. Their service allows you to use your computer to instantly send money to anyone with an email address. There is no charge to the payment sender. They do charge fees to the person /business that receives the payment. So it "costs us" to receive your PayPal payment. We have some additional general information about Paypal on this page below the next section.
How To Send Us Money with PayPal
1 - Go sign in to your Paypal account and click the *Send Money* tab.
2 - Send the payment in US Dollars to:

w e b s a l e s @ s t e r e o m a n u a l s . c o m

Remove all the spaces we inserted to help deter spammers.
(It is a common problem (even with experienced PayPal users) that people spell the email address wrong which means PayPal sends the payment notice to whomever the misspelled name is.)
5 - Fill in the information they ask for... it is a "GOODS (other)" transaction.
If you have previously contacted us and are now using a different email address with your Paypal account, please tell us. If you are using someone else's account, please tell us. If the name or shipping address that shows on the Paypal account is different, please tell us. Tell us whatever else we need to know to make the transaction easy to identify and process efficiently for you.
You must identify what you are paying for (why are you sending us money).
A - Email Invoice Transaction # - If you have received an Email Invoice from us, please use the Transaction number in the invoice (the one in the email subject line or the first one of several listed items). Note: If you haven't previously done so, please send back the Order Form /Customer Info section near the bottom of the invoice.
B - Pricing email Case # - If you are paying after receiving a Pricing email from us, you can use the Case # which was included. Note: If you haven't previously done so, please send back the requested Order Form /Customer Info section which is included near the bottom of the pricing email.
C - Web site direct purchase - If you are making a purchase directly from our web site, you must let us know precisely what you are paying for. You can do that several ways. See the Buy It Now with Paypal page.


(This is another very common problem. If you think you processed the payment but it doesn't IMMEDIATELY show up in your PayPal account as a transaction, then you missed clicking the last button (usually called 'Submit'). You will need to do it again.
8 - Payment will show as being paid to Stout and Associates.
10 - We will generate the appropriate sales records, send them to you and ship the items as soon as possible.

More About Paypal
The way Paypal operates while being used to pay for eBay auction purchases may vary a bit from using it for non-auction purchases, but essentially it is the same procedure. In general you must have an account. You may open one by visiting the Paypal website.

You do not have to put any funds in your Paypal account and it will have no funds in it unless someone sends a payment to you via Paypal or you electronically transfer money to it from one of your bank accounts. To do electronic transfers, you must go through a verification process that establishes the "electronic path" between Paypal and your bank accounts.

The payment you send to someone (like StereoManuals) comes from your Paypal account. If there is no money in your account, the payment must be "funded" by some other means. Usually this means your major credit cards. For most people this is a very simple procedure and usually does not require any special verification processes, etc.

The other main way to fund your payment is to use their "echeck" feature which is quite similar to writing a check or using a debit card. The money will be transferred from one of your bank accounts which you have linked to your Paypal account. The "electronic paths" (verification process) must be established if it hasn't already been done.

Besides the USA, their service is available in many countries around the world (list of countries served). PayPal currently supports sending and receiving payments in five currencies: U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen. For further details, see the help section on the PayPal web site.
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