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We are open to almost any kind of trading arrangement that we can come to agreement on. This could be for literature items we don't have, audio or computer equipment, music, etc. We might be willing to supply several hundreds of dollars of manuals for something we can use, so don't hesitate to inquire if interested. See The Trading Page for further information.

Our payment preference is Paypal (You can use your major credit cards). See How to Pay Us with Paypal for further information. But we DO NOT REQUIRE PAYPAL. For those who wish to use credit cards but are unable or unwilling to have a Paypal account, we can send you a payment request email that contains a "Clickable Payment Link".

Do not send us your credit card information because we are not set up to directly process credit cards. You can use your credit cards even if you do not have Paypal account. 

We accept almost anything that will deposit in U.S. dollars.


FOR ALL PAYMENT METHODS OTHER THAN PAYPAL: We prefer to send you an EMAIL INVOICE with appropriate sale identification numbers, etc. before you make payment. You can print the top portion of it and send with your mail-in payments. This dramatically reduces errors. Let us know how you wish to pay and we will send the appropriate information (mailing address, wire transfer or Western Union directions, etc.)

  • "Clickable Link" for credit card payments (no Paypal account required)
  • Domestic (USA) Money Orders
  • Certified checks
  • Business checks
  • Personal checks
  • Cash
    (Acceptable but not preferred. Ever heard of lost mail?)
  • International Money Orders
    (MUST be denominated in U.S. dollars only. Preferably to be paid by a USA bank.)
  • Direct bank to bank Wire transfers
    (contact us for further instructions)
  • Western Union Money Transfer
    (cash pickup at agent locations, contact us for further instructions)
    (We charge an additional $5.00 fee for the 30 minutes or more it takes to complete a pickup)
  • Trading arrangements
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