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Links - Audio Repair Services, Info, etc.
Modern society is adopting a throw-away, cheapest-cost-today philosophy with little regard to the future. Dedicated and talented small business owners sometimes have a very tough time making a go of it in a climate like this. We know this is true for many technicians that have the knowledge and ability to service your vintage gear (as well as vendors of hard copy printed manuals like us). While one might find a horror story experience being told about any given repair person (rightfully or not), we believe that most folks will be pleased with the people on this list. Some we HIGHLY recommend. It is my pleasure to highlight a few here (presented alphabetically). Please consider using their services.

Parts for vintage gear can sometimes be problematic. In case you haven't already done so, check with the manufacturer. It is surprising sometimes what they just might have in old inventory. Any of the people below might be able to supply some part although most aren't in the parts business. You will just need to check with them individually.
Absolute Sound Labs
Mark A. Wilson
Savage, Minnesota (USA) - Mark has been involved with professional audio service since 1964. In the 1970s he was national service manager for KLH. During the 1980s he owned and operated a 50 man tech shop which turned out as many as 4000 - 5000 units per month. Mark is a (SAC) Certified Audio Consultant since the 70s. Needless to say, he has a lot of experience with all types of electronics.

Mark currently specializes in Audio Restoration which is a level of service exceeding repairs. Mark is one of the best (Factory Authorized) McIntosh technicians in the country, a superb tuner technician (#1 rated by FM Tuner Info site), and is well known in audio circles as one of the premier any-brand audio techs anywhere. Mark is one of the extremely few audio techs that the well-known audio engineer and designer of famous equipment, James Bongiorno is willing to recommend. On top of that, he has become my personal friend. Highly recommended!

Absolute Sound Labs
4345 W. 127th Street
Savage, Minnesota 55378-1506
Phone = 952-894-5580
email =
Website =
Audio Specialist
Studio City, California (USA) - Howard Bardach is the Audio Specialist. I've know Howard and had an excellent relationship with him for many years. I don't know about you but I would rather take my classic audio gear that needs repairs/attention to someone who loves and appreciates the equipment for what it is. If you agree, I highly suggest you visit Howard Bardach's website and consider having him to satisfy your needs. He is an authorized service center for many popular brands and also sells pre-owned equipment, parts, etc. In 2011 he was featured in a segment on the popular Storage Wars TV program and you can watch it on his site.
Bristol Electronics Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey (USA) - A trusted customer says this about Tim: He's smart, thorough, conscientious, *very* reasonably priced and has a pretty quick turnaround time. I will unhesitatingly be sending him more gear as the need arises. He does NOT do modifications, but if you're in need of repair work please give him serious consideration. You won't be disappointed.

Tim Schwartz
Bristol Electronics
5 Riverview Lane
Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey 07423-1205
Phone = 201-447-4299
FAX Number = 201-447-0091
email =
Circle Stereo Austin, Texas (USA) - For more than thirty years, William Green has been doing audio repair and restoration work. Circle Stereo says they believe in doing things right with the experience, knowledge and honestly to tell you straight up if you should spend money on your gear or not. They are quite willing to have units shipped to them for repair and restoration. There is some interesting information on their web site.
Classic Audio Repair San Diego, CA (USA) - Formerly known as StereoTech. Fred Longworth is the owner. Fred is a customer of ours. Additonally, we've seen him recommended in various audio discussion forums.
Crown Tape Decks Supposedly the best person in the USA to contact about your vintage Crown tape recorders is:

Chuck Ziska
Ocala, Florida 
Phone = 352-861-1052
email =
Curt June
Audio Restoration
Audio Restoration is Curt June's web site where he documents (with text and photos) several units he has restored... and yes, he is willing to do it for your unit. Here is what he says:  I started repair work way back in the 70's at a local TV repair shop in my home town. After a couple of years there, I went to college and I got into computers and have been there ever since (30 years!!!). Out of college, I started as a repair technician, then a programmer, now I'm a technical lead. I have always had a passion for restoring antiques (I love history). Old tools such as Stanley hand planes is what I did most of. Several years ago I came across a vintage receiver that needed help. So I drug out all my test gear from my repair days, and brought it back to life. Although the bulk of my background is in digital circuits, my early days of repair during the height of the solid state era, has now come full circle. I enjoyed this so much this is my standing hobby now. I have a real love for this equipment, and I take a lot of satisfaction in bringing new life to it. I have a family and I am not yet retired, so there are limits to the time I can devote to this work. It often take 4 to 6 weeks for me to complete a piece... so I'm not in this for the money. Catch me when my bench is clear and I would be most happy to restore that prized piece of audio gear.

Curt June
Eagle, Idaho
email =
Glenn McDonald
Lee's Summit, MO (USA) - Glenn is well known as a quality vintage audio technician. He has been mentioned to us by several customers as a caring, quality tech. We asked him if he would like to be mentioned on our site. I decided his reply in his own words would be the best testimony. After initially putting this link here, Glenn and I have become more acquainted. I can say with no hesitation, that he is a quality person and totally worthy of your trust in caring for your classic audio gear. He is one of those guys who doesn't claim to be an expert at everything which is refreshing. Click here to see what he has to say.
email =
I Rebuild Marantz Grass Valley, CA (USA) - Robert Bowdish restores Marantz receivers and has information on his site for DIY types (with pictures). Rob says, "Just to let you know, I am an electronic technician and engineer and have been working in the broadcast equipment manufacturing sector for over 20 years, so you can rest assured that I know what I am doing. I have restored and/or repaired hundreds of electronics devices over the years. I've worked on and personally aligned audio equipment for places like Skywalker Sound in Marin County, CA, Paul Allen's offices in Seattle, WA, Bill Gate's residence in Redmond, WA, just to name a few. You are in good hands here :-)"
Jobe Electronix Marion, IL (USA) - Mike Jobe - I am an individual owner offering a large number of vintage electronic parts covering years 1960s to present. I have over 1,000,000 parts available for service techs and end users. I operate out of my home and not a commercial storefront. If you are interested, Please visit my website at

Mike Jobe
7333 Norris Drive
Marion, IL 62959
Phone 618-993-6340
Kevin Kaas
Kevin Kaas  
Tampa - St. Petersburg /Tampa Bay area, Florida (USA) -  By day, Kevin Kaas works as a television engineer at a Florida college. Otherwise he can be found repairing reel to reel decks. Kevin says... I've worked in the electronics service industry all my life and used to have my own electronics service business (shop is now closed to the public, but I still have a million parts and all my test equipment). We did warranty work for nearly all the major brands (Akai, Dokorder, Teac, Technics, etc). I've been servicing tape machines and servicing broadcast, professional and consumer electronics for about 30 years.

Reel to Reel service is my specialty and I will work on most makes and models. I also stock hundreds of belts for R-R machines, so anyone needing any is welcome to contact me with their needs. I only stock belts for reel to reel machines so please don't ask for turntable or cassette deck belts.

Clearwater, FLorida
Contact email:
Phone: 727-394-6131
Music Technology
Springfield, Virginia (USA) - Quality service and repair of music production and reproduction electronics and stringed instruments. Music Technology is co-owned by Bill Thalmann (for 20 years, former tech director of Conrad-Johnson) and Doug Weisbrod. Bill referenced he and his staff as *a bunch of geezers*. Said geezers are on intimate terms with and willing to take on virtually anything electronic. This includes everything from extreme high performance audio, to musical instruments, hard disk recorders, mixing boards, reel to reel decks, 8-tracks, wire recorders, etc. and even have an in-house luther shop (repairs /mods to stringed instruments). Tim Leinbaugh (tape deck tech) has specialized in tape machines for about 30 years and has been consulted by Revox, among others, on technical issues.
New Jersey Factory Service Mahwah, New Jersey (USA) - NJ Factory Service was originally the TEAC/TASCAM East Coast Service Center established in the early 1980s. In 1995, TEAC sold it to Mr. Russell Bachmann. Russ served as TEAC's Service Manager for 6 of his 23 years with TASCAM. NJF is one of the best places in the country to get your Teac/Tascam tape decks repaired, but they also do all types of audio repairs from analog to digital and also sell equipment.

Physical location:
New Jersey Factory Service, Inc.
16 Chestnut Avenue Suite 103 B
Emerson,New Jersey 07630

Website =
Phone = 201-967-0060
FAX = 201-967-0062
email =
Pacific Stereo California (USA) - The owner has passion for vintage stereo and most time is spent on repairs and restorations for a variety of equipment. He held various positions with the well-known Pacific Stereo chain of audio stores in California which closed in the 1980's. He is also an audio engineer and is experienced in analog and digital printed circuit board design. He says he treats every repair and restoration as if he was doing it for himself, and that you will get far more than you pay for. And if that isn't enough, he also owns the popular audio discusson forum.
Randy Young Clinton, TN (USA) - Randy Young has a reputation of being a very good electronics technician. We have been supplying manuals to Randy for awhile now and have come to consider him as a personal friend and a high caliber person of integrity. He also restores a variety of vintage audio units and sells them on Audiogon with the member user name of Ezekiel.
Phone 865 463-0743
Reel to Reel Repairs Potomac, MD (USA) - Walter D. Neighbors Sr. We've seen him recommended in audio discussion groups as having provided great repair work. Contact him for further information.
Phone: 301-299-2695
Sam Palermo (Chicago area USA) - Skywave Tape Deck Repair - I have known Sam for many years as a customer and as someone who has tirelessly and freely offered toubleshooting and technical repair advice on various audio forums. I highly recommend you contact him regarding your needed tape deck repairs. Sam has been doing electronics work since the early 1970's including at both the TEAC Chicago Factory Service facility, and the two SONY Factory Service facilities, and broadcast radio stations. Update (2013): I have had Sams info here for many years and over those years his reputation regarding his reel to reel repair expertise has grown. I have never seen a single complaint about him, but has seen many many praises.

Sam says, "I also possess a BSEE degree with many repairs under my belt. I have worked not only in audio tape decks but Pro video and electronics repairs in general. My range of repairs range from Coffee pots to Digital Betacam DVR decks and everything in between. I have even serviced video systems on airlines when working for Hughes.

Past Teac/Tascam Lead Service Technician still doing repairs.

Sam Palermo, Chief Engineer
Skywave Tape Deck Repair
617 McLean Avenue
Bensenville, IL 60106
(Chicago area USA)

email =
Office Phone = (630) 616-0932
Soundsmith Corporation Engineers who care about what they do. They re-engineer products for extreme reliability removing "weak-links" in the designs, rendering them into vastly unique products. The only folks who offer a One Year Full Unit Warranty (excludes only motors, heads and lasers unless replaced during repair). They also sell classic gear restored and modified as stated for superb reliability.
The Turntable Factory Columbia, South Carolina (USA) - Besides being a nice guy, Joel Thorner was one of the best turntable guys in the country. Sadly, he passed away in 2007. His business is being maintained by others now.
Vintage Electronics Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA) - Bob Toepfer of Vintage Electronics offers repair service on most brands of classic stereo equipment. He also sells some parts for the DIY crowd.
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