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Folks, if you don't get Fred Langa's e-newsletter, well.. you just don't get it. Regardless of your skill level, if you own a computer, you need this. There is almost always something for everyone. This is one of the most useful and very best newsletter reads on the internet. AND it's FREE!
NOTE: In late 2006, Fred merged his Langa List with Brian Livingston's Windows Secrets newsletter. MANY of Fred's former subscribers (including me) do not like Windows Secrets nearly as well as the original Langa List. Please consider writing to Fred and asking him to restore his original and "BEST ON THE NET" newsletter as he used to do it.

If you are an eBay bidder, you may know that a service designed to place your bids for you can be a huge help. I have used several over the years but none better than PhantomBidder. Give them a try. (Btw... this is not a "paid affiliate recommendation." Write the owner and tell him Rick sent you.)

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