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Miscellaneous Audio
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Links - Miscellaneous Audio and Related Links
Antonio Ceretti Antonio collects and restores mostly classic U.S.A. tube (valve) gear. Lots of brochure scans and equipment pictures primarily of Marantz and McIntosh units.
Ampex Virtual Museum and Mailing List Learn about this classic company's history.
An important part of many audio systems is the FM tuner. Millions have enjoyed countless hours of broadcast music and have taped millions of hours of programming. But have you considered using an outdoor antenna for your FM reception? The improvement can be astounding.
Antique Wireless Association Do you like old radios, television, amateur radio and the like? Well visit the Antique Wireless Association for a good time.
Argiriadis Analogue Electronics Located in London, England. They specialize in building high quality, hand crafted units but at affordable prices, plus amplifier repair, service & modification including complete electronic restoration and rebuilding of vintage amps.
Audio FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Audio "stuff". This is a good source of basic common sense information on a wide variety of audio topics. It is but one of "many" FAQ's available at Internet FAQ Archives which is a great source for information on a huge variety of issues. For instance, did you ever wonder about the meaning of Don McLean's "American Pie" lyrics?
AudioLinks.NL Tremendous site featuring hundreds of links, articles, etc. for all things audio including computer audio plus video and home theatre. Full featured site for audio fans including reviews, shopping, forums and more. Vintage equipment reviews are included along with the more current equipment reviews.
Cartridge Setup: A Beginner's Guide Great basic information for your turntable cartridge understanding... not only for beginners. Also see Cartridge Alignment: Understanding It Valuation page with years sold, original retail price for mostly 70's equipment from Luxman, McIntosh, Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui and Yamaha.. Ben Blish's site with lots of data, specs, pictures of classic gear. specializing in Marantz, Pioneer, Technics.
Common Sense Audio (Used to be called Classic Audio). David Dick's site for quality used audio gear, tubes, and more. Also Audio Nirvana, Fostex, PAudio and home of the *World's Best* Lowther Speakers.
D'Antiques They bill themselves as the Premier Virtual Junk Store with a great assortment of "stuff" including used electronics.
Dual Reference Web Site Dual fans, look no further.
eBay Largest online auction site in the world. Yes I know that everyone knows about this great place or cesspool (you decide), but it gives me a handy place to click.
Get Reel Check out Geoff's *Get Reel CD* site with lots of information about tape recording history and vintage Reel to Reel equipment from the 1940's through the 1980's.
Jeff Korneff Super nice examples of Custom Built single-ended audio gear. Check these out!
H.H. Scott Vintage Hi-Fi Stereo Archive Just a really terrific site for Scott fans. This site has lots of audio history, links to very interesting stuff. Everyone should check this out.
Heathkit Virtual Museum Terrific site for Heath Kit fans with lots of pictures, ad copy, specifications and links to other Heath Kit sites. The most comprehensive Heath Kit site on the net! Extensive web site directory for audio.
Keep On Trackin! Obsolete Technology For A New Millennium. Dr. 8-Track's (George Butts) site for 8-Track and Quad. Check his 8-Track FAQ for lots of good info.
(JBL & Altec) Lansing Heritage Wow! This site has lots of information about JBL, Altec Lansing, JBL in the Seventies, JBL Professional and much, much more than JBL history. It contains or leads to fascinating history about many company names you will recognize like Ampex, AT&T, Bell Labs, Fender, Harmon, Jensen, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), RCA, Sparkomatic, Telex, Western-Electric,  . Set aside some time and explore it.
Magnetic Reference Laboratory Reel to Reel Calibration (test) tapes and *lots* of technical data.
Jerry's Oak Tree Vintage always has a good selection on his classic Hi-Fi / Stereo Gear page that has been checked, cleaned, repaired, etc. to insure worry-free operation and is usually offered with a limited warranty. Oak Tree Enterprises is great site to visit for all kinds of other stuff too like musical instruments, guitars, stage lighting, keyboards, test equipment, antique radios, clocks, fans and a host of other items. Besides that, he knows how to build an interesting website. Like us, he prefers to build it the way he likes it instead of the sterile, cookie-cutter appearance and content of typical sites.
Pat's Tube and Recording Schematics For tube fans & DIY'ers. Emphasis on Tube HiFi, Guitar, Recording.
Perfect Sound Forever Perfect Sound Forever = an online music magazine, in 'business' since 1993. One of the oldest, longest running web-zines. Vinyl fans, check out The Vinyl Anachronist for some interesting takes on LP's, the current state of music equipment and other off-beat stuff.
Record Collecting Resources This site has a *bunch* of links for vinyl fans. Record collectors, check this out! Lots of audio buffs like radio stuff too! So here's a good one, updated weekly since 1996. Reelradio is the Reel Top 40 Radio Repository for the Preservation & Presentation of Music Radio History with "tons" of interesting information. Hey, they even have one of my old favorites from the early 60s, Dick Biondi. I spent many nights with my portable AM/FM radio under the covers listening to him blasting out of Chicago on AM clear channel WLS. Old rumor I heard was that he lost his gig there when he said, "Here's to all you virgins out there." Someone correct me...)
Roger Russell Roger was creating better sound as Director of Acoustic Research at McIntosh Laboratory Inc. for 25 years until 1992. He initiated the loudspeaker line at McIntosh, developed many new concepts and received several patents. He designed the McIntosh C26 Stereo Preamplifier and the MQ101 Environmental Equalizer. Be sure to check his Audio Distortions page that blows hole after hole in many audiophile pet theories. For those who spend more on cables than I did for my car, check his Wire Buster - Speaker Wire History page.
The Best of Sansui A new Sansui site in the building phase that will have lots of information about Sansui in its later years.
Steve Ekblad Audio Links Audio Related Internet World Wide Web & FTP Sites. Extensive audio link list which is updated every morning (He says sometimes more often). Give it some time to load - it is quite large.
Tab's Quadraphonic Lots of great information concerning Quad Sound (4 channel format), preservation info, and conversion services.
Tape World  and Tape Tape Got tape? Also see US Recording Media below.
TNT-Audio Popular site available in English and Italian. Fully non-profit webzine, no paper version is, nor will ever be, available. Their aim is communicate the Love for Music and for its faithful reproduction at home. TNT-Audio has been designed to publish in a simple and easy-to-access way even the more complex technical topics. They believe that since Music is an easy and universal language so it should be the Art of the faithful musical reproduction at home.
Tuner Information Center You want to know about FM tuners? This is just *THE BEST* authority regarding classic tuners ~ Lots of great information. They also conduct a discussion forum.
US Recording Systems is the largest distributor of RMGI EMTEC tape products in America, plus carries many other items especially of interest to recordists. They provide products for the professional audio crowd but also specialize in direct consumer sales whether you need a single item or a pallet load. Besides great prices for top-quality new recording tape, they also have stuff like empty reels, splicing tape, head demagnetizer, auto-reverse sensing tabs, etc. As one of the few remaining vendors dedicated to supplying items for the home recordist, I highly recommend that you check them out and support their business. Kurt Fisher runs the place and we consider him a friend. Let them know we sent you.
Vintage Technics site The original author of this helpful site took it offline numerous times because he hated eBay and other users linking to the images on his site. Eventually the site went down for good and the domain name ownership went to internet scavengers. We have resurrected this site from our archives for the benefit of the audio community.
William Jahn Do you like the idea of having a booklet on stereo specs but need it for a brand other than Pioneer? (The most comprehensive Pioneer info is available here). Send a note to Bill has them for Carver, Dynaco, Kenwood, McIntosh, Marantz, Phase Linear and SAE. Picture one, Picture Two. He says to tell you, and I quote, "He's the coolest guy I know".
World Tube Audio Portal Stefan's site is probably the best tube audio reference site on the internet. If you are into tubes, be sure to check out this bonanza of tube info.
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