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Links - Sponsored Audio Discussion Groups currently sponsors two free audio discussion groups (hosted on Yahoo Groups) in an endeavor to help the audio community. Both groups have a good number of friendly, helpful folks; some of which are very knowledgeable. You can read and participate online with your web browser or receive and respond to group messages in your email program. With the current discussions and the archived messages, you surely will find topics that are interesting to you.
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70sAudioMindset is not a 70's-only group though the focus is oriented toward equipment of the "Power Wars" and "Silver Era". Acceptable topics cover the entire range of audio topics. Group members have posted many messages that are loaded with good information. Browse or search the message archives for previous message threads. Visit the home page (link on the left) or join immediately by clicking this button.
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BudgetAudio is not just about dumpster diving or thrift store finds. Like 70sAudioMindset, the range of acceptable topics cover the entire range of audio topics, but it's focus is oriented toward great Bang-For-The-Buck audio gear. Almost everyone gets a thrill from finding great gear at bargain prices. You will find like-minded folks here. Visit the home page (link on the left) or join immediately by clicking this button.
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Links - Other Audio Discussion Groups
Some discussion forums are moderated, some are not. Some are frequented by "hothead know-it-alls" and some are very friendly places Regardless of "flavor", you can often find interesting discussions and/or helpful information.
reeltoreel Need help fixing or tuning up your tape decks? This is one of the very best sites on the internet for help and information about Reel to Reel tape gear, etc. There are a number of members who were the recording engineers of some of your favorite recording artists.
AudioAsylum Popular site with lots of information and an extension area of discussion forums including Vintage Gear.
AudioKarma Another popular site featuring numerous discussion forums including dedicated Vintage Solid State, Pioneer, Sansui and others.
FM Tuners - High End Tuners Large discussion group hosted on Yahoo Groups and sponsored by Bob, Eric and Jim, founders of the popular TIC (Tuner Information Center) site.
Kenwoodaudio Discussion group for fans of Kenwood gear. Group belongs to Bob Fitzgerald, one of the founders of the Tuner Information Center.
MarantzTalk MarantzTalk is a good place to go for information about your vintage Marantz gear.
Phoenix Audio One of my very good friends, Lee Laatsch runs this relatively small audio discussion forum. If you like a cozy place with a few good bud's, this may be the place for you. You can find extensive help with Phase Linear rebuilds and many other topics here. Lee is the man who did a total restoration on Rick's (stereomanuals site owner) Pioneer SPEC-4 in 2013 for FREE because he felt that is something the Lord wanted him to do. How about that? He even had his hottie wife polish out the meter glass (sorry Lee, couldn't resist).
RealisticAudio Ed Hanlon's Yahoo discussion group for fans of Radio Shack's Realistic brand.
SAE-Talk Open discussion on audio equipment in general but primarily focused on equipment mfg by SAE (Scientific Audio Electronics) THE premier site to talk and learn about all things tape... Reel to Reel, Cassette, etc. They also cover all aspects of audio, including vinyl and turntables, speakers, amplifiers and receivers along with everything else that helps to make for a complete sound system. This is a well-run forum with a friendly atmosphere and mimimal rules to worry about breaking. Recommended.
singleendedtriodes - SET Do you like tube gear or wish to learn more about it? Single Ended Triodes would be a good place to start. The links section is extensive.
TNT Audio Addicts An on-line Discussion and self-help group for Audiophilia Nervosa Sufferers.
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