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Links - Anthony Young's Reference Sites
Anthony wrote an interesting short article for our site (in Your Pages section) about comparing classic audio products to classic cars of yesteryear. Click Here to read it. Anthony maintains four (currently) nice audio Reference Sites that you might like to visit. They are: 
Phase Linear Reference Site Anthony Young's site with the history of Bob Carver's first audio company. Lots of equipment pictures and information. NOTE: This site was offline as the domain name expired by accident and is being held for ransom. StereoManuals resurrected the site with the blessing of the author.
Pioneer Elite Stereo Reference Site Pioneer Electronics Corporation announced the ELITE line of high-end components in 1985 through a series of ads in Stereo Review, AUDIO, and other publications.
The Jackie Gleason Album Site The Jackie Gleason Album Site is devoted to the many records Gleason released during the 1950s and 1960s. Gleason was a multi-talented man.
MP3 Player Reference Site The MP3 Player Reference Site covers both portable and home MP3 players, MP3 history, and gives brief descriptions of current MP3 players. If you are an MP3 enthusiast, be sure to bookmark this site.
Silver Pioneer Reference Site The gear featured in this site is the stuff that I fell in love with when it was new... but couldn't afford. Remembrances of that gear was the genesis of our starting
Marantz Quarter-A Reference Site Devoted to the superb integrated amplifiers made by Marantz in the late 1980s that operated in Class A mode up to one-quarter of their rated output, before switching to Class A/B. Models covered are the PM-94, PM-84, PM-74 and others.
Soundcraftsmen Reference Site Soundcraftsmen was a relatively small company in the 1960s, but grew quickly during the 1970s to become one of America's most respected audio component manufacturers.
Yamaha 10000 Reference Site This site is about the magnificent Yamaha Limited Centennial Edition line of components introduced in 1997. Anthony says they are among the most handsome components he ever saw so he decided to do a reference site devoted to that series.
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