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Reference Section - Home Page
Reference Section
Reference Section Home Page
Links Home Page
Phase Linear History Site
Pioneer Manufacturing Dates & Country Version Codes
Radio Shack Catalog Numbers and Model Numbers Cross Reference
Sansui SP-5000 Speakers
Includes Pioneer SPEC-1 SPEC-4 System (and info about db meters, Output Power, Sound Pressure Level)
Vintage Technics Database

An extensive Audio Reference Section is in the works and will be here in a much larger way just as soon as time allows. It will be a *great resource* for you. Thanks for your patience.
This Reference section is a *coming* attraction. I have a very large amount of information, pictures, links, etc. that I have been gathering for a long time from around the internet and other sources that will be consolidated here in hopefully a nice way such that it will be a great resource for classic audio newcomers and old hands alike. It is NOT my intention to duplicate the thousands of sites out there, but it IS my intention to provide in one centralized location:
  • some of the best features/information from many sites around the world,
  • a large number of well organized links to some of the best audio related sites,
  • links to obscure but interesting audio sites,
  • some info contained in, plus direct links to, some interesting posts to various audio discussion groups,
  • a large number of quality equipment pictures plus links to other sources of same,
  • selected information from various service manuals, user manuals and brochures in our possession,
  • generalized tutorials and links to same for audio newbies
  • various types of reference information, charts, etc.
  • one of the largest Reel to Reel reference and information sites,
  • a directory of recommended classic audio repair services,
  • a directory of recommended and specifically reel to reel qualified repair services,
  • sources for parts, belts, lamps, accessories, etc.
  • tips for buying/selling on eBay,
  • packing and shipping tips to minimize/eliminate shipping damage..
It takes a very long time to do such things and I have just been putting if off for a lack of time. As many of you are aware, I'm knocking myself out trying to make approximately 125,000 audio literature items available on this site with descriptions, prices, etc. Encouragement, feedback or offers of assistance from interested folks would probably be a great thing and help spur further development of this Reference Section.
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