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Pioneer SX-950 Receiver Service Manual
Description modified each production run only for significant variations. Insignificant *minor* variations may occur.
Model Designation: Pioneer SX 950  (sx950)
Literature Type: Service Manual
Contents: Specifications, descriptions of front panel controls, connection diagram, circuit descriptions, level diagram, disassembly, parts locations, adjustments (AM tuner, FM tuner, MPX, power amp), dial cord stringing, exploded views, schematic diagrams, etc.
Page Count: 126 (16 intentionally blank) - counting all 8.5" x 11" page sides, cover to cover, printed or not, including inserts, extras, etc.
Extra Items: (1) Tech Bulletin
Inserts: (8) 11" x 17" single-side printed schematics.
Construction: Double side printed, all 11" x 17" folded /trimmed pullouts as per original, FULL-COLOR card stock covers, neatly assembled, 5 heavy duty staples, fiber reinforced taped spine.
General Condition: Excellent! A *very* nice looking manual.
Flaws or Defects: In the manual, there is a two-page pullout of the system schematic drawing. This page was missing in our Pioneer-supplied original, so we replaced it with a copy from another original manual we had. That schematic page in the manual is semi-useless as it has very small print and is difficult to read. However, full system schematics are provided with the enlarged version inserts and are fully readable.
Notes: Covers KCU, S versions. Unit produced 1977 - 1979. Retailed $650.00. We also have excellent SX-950 User Manuals.
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