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Click for Full-size Picture - RT-909
Pioneer RT-909 Reel to Reel Service Manual
Price Code = G25 Description modified each production run only for significant variations. Insignificant *minor* variations may occur.
Model Designation: Pioneer RT 909 (rt909)
Literature Type: Service Manual
Contents: Specifications, connection diagram, front panel facilities, block and level diagrams, circuit descriptions, disassembly, parts locations, mechanical adjustments, head adjustments, electrical adjustments, exploded views, schematic diagrams, P.C. board patterns, and parts list.
Page Count: 168 (32 intentionally blank) - counting all 8.5" x 11" page sides, cover to cover, printed or not, including inserts, extras, etc.
Extra Items: 25 RT-909 Tech Bulletins. Bound into manual.
Inserts: (6) 11" x 17" single-side printed schematic inserts (KU version). The system schematics in the original manual contain very small print. Pioneer also included a poster-style schematic insert with the original manual, but it too has very small print. So we add these enlarged versions to greatly help with readability. The Signal section and Control section schematics are both enlarged so that each spans (3) 11in x 17in sheets. D/G schematics are included in manual, but we did not add enlarged versions.
Construction: Constructed as the original, double side printed, including numerous folded /trimmed 11" x 17" pullout pages, card stock covers, neatly assembled with 5 heavy duty staples and refer-reinforced taped spine.
General Condition: Quality Scale   Excellent. For all practical purposes, is identical to and/or better than most originals one might find (other than a 100% clean original).
Flaws or Defects:
Notes: Covers KU, D/G versions. Unit produced 1979 - 1984. Retailed $900.00. The RT-909 is highly collectible for its fantastic appearance (looks great in a Pioneer Spec Studio Rack System), its excellent recording/playback capabilities and its excellent build quality. We also have  RT-909 Color Sales Brochures and Virtually Perfect  RT-909 User Manuals.
Front Cover Sample Folded/Trimmed Pullout Page Page 28 Close-up Text
(If available and as time allows...)
A sampling of previous customer comments concerning this exact item.
"I received the manuals & brochure today. I'm amazed at the quality of these reproductions!! I've read the customer comments and I'm a believer of your material. One thing I found humorous, on the 909 sales brochure did you pay attention to the tape threading marvel? I about laughed... I heard someone on the list mention this and they said if you ever come across one you have to see to believe! Thanks again Rick! Hope to do it again soon. Excellent material, high quality reproductions, HIGHLY recommended!!! AAA+++" - Max Floyd

"Rick, I just received the full set of manuals that you offer for the Pioneer RT-909...and all I can say is fantastic. They were above and beyond my expectations. The color brochure is outstanding, vibrant and smooth. The clincher for me is the full size, factory schematics that you provide with the manuals...unlike every other manual supplier on Ebay and elsewhere. I am 110% satisfied, and thank you so much for the reading material. Good luck, and I will be back for more!" - Mark Nestor (dorokusai)

"This guy's manuals are GREAT! Fair price, and super person! AAAAA+++++"
"Manual was impressively printed and bound. Quality Excellent. Prompt shipment"
"Outstanding quality folks...Very pleased...great communication...A+"
"Super! Sehr gute qualität / very good quality! Nette mails/ friendly mails! A+"
"Great product super fast deliver. Highly recommend to all. Thanks, Mike..."
"As advertised, prompt shipment. Super smooth. Thanks!"
"Copy of manual better than expected, would do business again."
"Like new + Fast Shipping + Great communication + A++++++++++++++++++++"
Super spec. of Pioneers legendary RT909! I'm very proud to have it now!! AAA+++"
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