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Pioneer RT-701 RT-707 Additional (Update Revisions) Reel to Reel Service Manual
Item will match description or we will do whatever it takes to Guarantee Your Satisfaction. Each production run is normally consistent, but insignificant *minor* variations may occur.
Model Designation: Pioneer RT 701 and RT 707 Reel to Reel (Open Reel) (rt701 rt707)
Literature Type: Additional Service Manual - Updated /Revised Supplement Service Manual
Contents: (Intended for use along with, not in place of the main Service Manuals). Contains parts location, level diagram, block diagram, circuit descriptions for control circuits and playback amplifier, exploded views, and various schematic diagrams and PCB patterns and parts lists.
Page Count: 168 total pages (2 intentionally blank) - counting all 8.5" x 11" page sides, cover to cover, printed or not, including inserts, extras, etc.
Extra Items:  
Inserts: (4) Tech Bulletins
Construction: Made exactly as the original with double-side printing, (approximately 75%) 11" x 17" folded/trimmed pullout pages, neatly assembled with 5 heavy duty staples and taped spine.
General Condition:
Read before purchase
Overall Quality Scale
& Company Notes
Flaws or Defects:  
Notes: (RT-707 produced 1977 - 1985 and retailed for $700.00. RT-701 produced 1977 - 1980 and retailed from $525.00 to $595.00.) Covers KCU (Canada/USA) versions with some information specific to HG (Europe/Oceania, Scandinavia, UK), D (General Export) and D/G (US Military) versions.

Additional (update) Service Manual designed to be used together with our RT-701 Service Manual #1 and the main RT-707 Service Manuals. It covers only those sections relating to changes made in the improved models. All other sections unaffected by improvements are to be found in the original publication service manuals. Improved models are marked with a small triangle symbol in the model name and number plate.  Original publication date of this manual is September 1977 so it should be applicable to units built from that date forward. Applies to country versions and Serial numbers:

  • RT-701/KU = #3603301~
  • RT-701/KC = #3400001~
  • RT-707/KU = #3606301~
  • RT-707/KC = #3400001~
  • RT-707/D  = #9301201~
  • RT-707/DG = #9301001~
  • RT-707/HG = #8400001~

The RT-707 is highly collectible for its fantastic appearance (looks great in a Pioneer Spec Studio Rack System), its excellent recording/playback capabilities and its excellent build quality. We also have the main RT-707 Service Manual, RT-707 Dealer Sales Brochures and RT-707 User Manuals.  Discounted Full Documentation Packages are available.

Pioneer RT-707 Reel to Reel deck looks good mounted in a Pioneer JA-R2S Studio Rack
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