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Akai Service Manuals Note
First, this is NOT an "excuse" explanation to give us cover for lousy manuals. We NEVER sell you a lousy manual unless we tell you it is before you buy. This page is to explain various caveats about some Akai manuals that is simply too much info to put in every manual description. Any given manual from any given company can have characteristics that make them difficult. But a substantial number of Akai Service Manuals (mostly from latter 70s-early 80s) have several characteristics which make them more difficult to reproduce as nicely as those from most other brands. Here are some of the things you might want to know.

  • They are slightly taller than standard size.
  • They are slightly narrower than standard size.
  • The are usually printed on *extremely* thin paper.
  • They often have unusual colors... bluish purple, light purple, light red, pink, light gray.
  • They frequently have some schematics with *extremely* small text size.
  • They frequently have some of this miniscule text printed in very light pink or purple color.
  • They sometimes have light pink text or lines embedded in light gray illustrations.
  • They may have light pink text or lines embedded in bluish purple illustrations.
  • They usually have extremely thin pointer lines in illustrations, exploded views and parts lists.
  • They have some illustrations that are done in a low-contrast, semi-photographic style.
  • They usually have textured covers with unusual color combinations.
  • They sometimes contain one or more pages designed to show energized circuits. The text on those pages is usually too small and too faint to be readable in the original, AND... the "highlighting" of those circuits is so slight as to almost be indistinguishable even in the originals.
All of this means several things. Any, or all, or none of the pages in our reproductions of these manuals may exhibit some of the following characteristics.
  • Some pages may be reduced by 5% or so to fit on a standard page.
  • Some pages may (not usually) have a missing or partial page number.
  • They may have a bit wider margin in the binding side of the page.
  • In general, text will be lighter or less distinct than with manuals from most companies.
  • Some pages with illustrations will not be as clear as those from most companies.
  • Some pointer lines between description and the described item may be more difficult to see.
  • Some pages are reproduced darker than normal and may not have clean white space in an attempt to bring out a difficult area.
  • Some darker pages will show shadows from the opposite side (very thin paper).
  • Some pages are reproduced lighter than normal attempting to bring out some difficult area.
  • Some pages have multiple difficulties on the same page making any one setting inadequate.
  • We sometimes bind in multiple versions of the same page with different settings.
  • We sometimes spend considerable time in doing precision hand tracing on some pages.
  • We frequently may include enlarged versions of schematics as inserts and may have done precision hand tracing on them.
Now, having listed all those caveats... most of our Akai reproductions are still given an individually-assigned Quality Scale rating of Good, Good to Very Good, or Very Good. Our individual Akai manual description may have notes about quality issues for that particular manual and quality ratings based on different parts of that manual.
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