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Akai GX-646 (GX-636 - see note) Reel to Reel User Manual
Description modified each production run only for significant variations. Insignificant *minor* variations may occur.
Model Designation: Akai GX 646  GX 636 (see Note below) (gx646, gx636)
Literature Type: User Manual - (Owners Manual, Operators Manual, Operating Instructions)
Contents: Specifications, precautions, descriptions and operating directions for all controls, system connections, tape loading, tape care, tape selection, tape recording  time chart, bias adjustment, 4-track recording/playback, auto reverse function, recording/playback operations, reverse selector chart, timer recording, sound mixing, tape splicing/editing, head cleaning/demagnetizing, troubleshooting chart.
Page Count: 16 - counting all 8.5" x 11" page sides, cover to cover, printed or not, including inserts, extras, etc.
Extra Items:  
Construction: Double side printed on 11" x 17" paper, center folded, center stapled to look and handle exactly like the original.
General Condition:
Read before purchase
Overall Quality Scale
Good to Very Good
Flaws or Defects: Text is not real crisp and clear. Akai printed them with a small and thin font. Our *original* is an aftermarket reprint that wasn't done as well as we do them and had some dark areas that sort of looked like a highlighter had been used on their original. Ours is restored to center folded and center stapled format and had an *extensive* cleanup of defects, removal of non-English text and miscellaneous unnecessary items. Most but not all of the shaded areas are gone now. There are a few places where particular letters in words are almost not there. In spite of all the above, the manual is attractive, overall clean, and is not at all difficult to read.
Notes: Akai printed the originals in a multi-language format. This is the English language section. List price was approximately $800.00 in 1982-1984. ADDITIONAL NOTE: We don't currently have a GX-636 User Manual, but this GX-646 User Manual would make a very suitable substitute as the machines are highly similar with only minor differences.
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