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If you value High Quality manuals, you found the right place. In the vast majority of cases, if you do a side-by-side comparison of our reproduction manuals with those from other vendors, you would say that ours are overall better in appearance, construction, and print quality. Sometimes strikingly so. Many of our customers agree. We are meticulous and give genuine best efforts to produce clean, well-constructed manuals for you.

The vast majority of service manuals were designed by their companies to be functional, not great looking. However, some (especially late 70s Pioneer) are very nice looking, well-written and sometimes had full color covers. In many cases, we reproduce color covers as originally printed. If color covers are not mentioned in the item's description, then they are in black and white even if the original used some color.
TO SAVE SO MANY FOLKS FROM ASKING:  Virtually ALL Service Manuals have schematics either included in the manuals or as additional loose inserts(s). In a few very rare cases, the service literature will have no schematics for who-knows-what reason. That has nothing to do with us and is beyond our control. In such cases, we always endeavor to note it in our description so you will know before you buy.

Information About ALL Our Reproduction Manuals

99%+ of our printed reproduction manuals are produced directly from factory original manuals that we have carefully detailed and cleaned up where necessary to eliminate (almost always) or reduce... blemishes, flaws, marks, writing, dirt, stains, etc. Almost all our manuals have "very clean" interior pages.

  • We do not claim 100% perfection because little in life is *perfect*.
  • We promise to produce your manual to the best of our ability 100% of the time.
  • We provide full description with page count, construction, extras, flaws, etc. before you buy.
  • We provide an individually assigned (and honest) Quality Scale rating for each item before you buy.
  • We FULLY GUARANTEE to honor our description and quality rating with no hassle of any kind.

  • Most manuals vendors tell you little or nothing about their product. This guarantees that what you receive will always be exactly as they described it...  get it?
  • We set a high standard for each item and tell you what it is "FOR EACH ITEM INDIVIDUALLY"... BEFORE YOU PURCHASE! We do NOT leave it to your trusting nature to "imagine" you will receive a quality product.

  • We decide the best print /construction method for each individual item on an individual basis.
    • Center-folded /center-stapled manuals are carefully and neatly folded, then carefully stapled "in the crease" instead of out on the page surface.
    • Side-bound manuals are always carefully assembled with evenly aligned page edges, then bound with 5 (usually) heavy-duty (usually) staples, then (usually) finished with fiber reinforced tape applied to the spine. The result is... a sturdy, durable manual that will please you for years to come.
    • In virtually all cases we produce the very common 11" x 17" folded /trimmed pullout pages precisely as in the original.
    • Except in unusual cases, we reproduce 3, 4, 5, 6+ page pullouts as multiple single-side printed, well overlapped, properly aligned, 11" x 17" folded pullouts constructed in an easy to use manner.

  • We have a large number of Tech Bulletins, Manual Updates, Manuals Corrections, Manual Revisions, Revised Schematics, "Additional" Service Manuals, separately published multi-part manuals, or other extra items. Except for some complicated situation, WE ALMOST ALWAYS INCLUDE ALL ADDITIONAL MATERIALS IN OR WITH THE MANUAL (when available).

  • The *vast majority* of our reproductions are rated as Very Good or Excellent.
  • A small percentage are rated Good.
  • A very small number are not high quality at all and are rated Good, Fair, or Poor.
  • Some manuals have unusual features. If so, we always try to explain that in advance.
  • We almost always remove anything that was not originally in the manual. In a few cases, we choose to leave technician's hand-written notes in our reproduction manual because we think it would be helpful.


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