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You are in the FACTORY ORIGINAL MANUALS section of our site.
Since our main business is top quality Reproduction Manuals,
be sure to mention ORIGINAL when purchasing or inquiring.


Factory Original Manuals - Quality Scale
We are perfectly willing to tell every minor detail regarding all flaws of any kind in our Factory Original Manuals. However, to do that would take a "very" long time. We provide the following as a guide and have (or will) individually apply it to every item. This IS NOT like on eBay where many sellers will say it's in MINT condition while a picture clearly shows writing, coffee stains, etc. If you clearly understand most of these items are 10-40+ years old, you should be thrilled with our highly conservative condition ratings.

We have looked these manuals over pretty carefully and guarantee our conservative and INDIVIDUALLY ASSIGNED quality ratings. The condition ratings are considered in the pricing. Buy with confidence because if we have made a mistake, we will make it right with you.
Some manuals may have a comment such as: "Can’t tell - May (or not) be a factory reprint manual." This means we can't tell because it is identical to our one "never sell" original AND has something about it that is not generally the same as the majority of manuals from the same company. This could be style of construction method, type of paper used, print quality, etc. If it is clear to us that it is a factory reprint, then we comment it as "Factory Reprint." and the price code will have already been adjusted to reflect that.

We have some models commented with # of pages. It may be a specific # like "40 pages" or like "40+ pages". If a + is there, it simply means someone here looked at the last printed page # and it was obvious that there were more. ie. pullouts numbered as 1 instead of 2 pages, pages with no numbers, inserts, etc. The 40+ example may really be 60 or more pages. We know that there are errors in these # of pages comments and will fix them as soon as time allows.

We are selling these as collectibles, not as surplus commodity items. Generally speaking, our Price Codes for Factory Original Literature does have some relationship to Price Codes for our normal reproductions... BUT...  Original Literature Price Codes ARE NOT based on the number of pages.
Condition Rating Explanation
Pristine PERFECT! - As new. No writing, tech shop name/address stamped, stains, dirt, wrinkles, rips, torn pages, etc. These certainly would be what most folks would call Mint. We don't because that's probably the most over-used word in the online selling world. Heck... most eBay sellers would describe their item as Mint if it comes close to meeting our Good rating below.
Excellent NEARLY PERFECT. - Any of the above conditions in a VERY MINOR degree. Likely (but not necessarily) to have model written on front (usually) along the spine, or a "received date" stamp, or tech shop address stamp on cover. Most likely defect would be covers that are slightly imperfect in some way (model #, stamp, light dirt stain or such).
Very Good OVERALL CLEAN - (especially the interior) but does have some combination of the following:  model number written along the spine or top of front cover, minimal technician notes or corrections (part numbers most likely), underlining, dealer stamped, light dirt or stains or normal effects caused by aging and/or wear and tear. DEFINITELY NOTHING EXCESSIVE.
Good May have any or all of the above conditions to a greater degree, but again, not excessively. The interior may be Very Good or possibly Excellent but covers are less attractive (more damaged in some manner).
Fair Any of the above mentioned flaws to an even greater degree. The interior pages "may" be Very Good or better but most likely, it is  more "used looking" inside. It also might be an "original" company produced reprint manual of less than stellar quality. If the item appears to be a reprint manual, our description will say so.
Poor Probably fully intact but has any or all of the above conditions to much greater degree. Our description will note if we think anything is missing. Or it might be an "original" factory reprint" manual of less than stellar quality.
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