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You know who you are. You "have to have an original" if at all possible. It's just something in your blood. It's an itch you have to scratch. Well, here is some relief. If we have it, just buy it. You can spend your time searching, watching and waiting. You might find what you want at a bargain price. But what's your time worth? No more time wasted searching. No more bidding. No more being outbid at the last second. Just buy it and it's yours. WE GUARANTEE OUR INDIVIDUALLY ASSIGNED CONDITION RATING BASED ON THIS Originals Quality Scale.


You are in the (spare) Factory ORIGINAL MANUALS section of our site.
Our main business is top quality Reproduction Manuals,
so be sure to mention ORIGINAL when inquiring or purchasing.

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NOTE: Each alphabetic group in the Originals Catalog has a Miscellaneous list. Look there for any company name not listed separately.

If you don't find what you are looking for here, please check our  Reproduction Manuals Catalog as we really do make great quality manuals. We know that some folks want originals for collector's purposes. Others think they want originals because they have never received a decent quality copy of a manual. If you are the later, don't be hesitant to try our reproduction manuals. We will give you a detailed description before taking your payment AND will guarantee that it meets that description... or do whatever is necessary to insure your satisfaction.

There is no need to write and ask if we have other spare ORIGINAL Literature not in these lists. We will complete the Condition Ratings and Prices Codes just as soon as we possibly can. If an item you want does not have a Price Code or a Condition Rating yet, just contact us and be sure to mention that you are asking about an ORIGINAL and which specific one. We will do a final examination and assign the condition rating and a Price Code.

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