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Bargain Basement
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This page is for listing Service Manuals, User Manuals, Sales Brochures and other literature items that for one reason or another are not up to the standards we impose on ourselves. Our standard is...  In every case, ship the very best reprints that we are currently capable of producing. When we discover something has been done that does not meet that standard, into the basement it goes.
What's Behind the Bargain Basement
When we first began to reproduce manuals on a large scale in early 2001, we kind of went crazy and were making manuals so fast that we weren't even able to get them assembled. (We have an illustrated story section planned about this)

Because we didn't have sufficient experience at the time, we didn't recognize that some of them could have been done much better. We later found that some of the machinery wasn't producing at top performance levels. Generally, the machinery was not as good as what we now use. On top of that, we didn't know then how to eliminate some problems caused by doing enlargements, or reductions, or originals with flaws. The quality of our color-work items were not nearly as good then as now either. Like, I said, we were ignorant...

We still have a large number of those original production runs available (manuals and brochures). The truth is that we still haven't assembled all those manuals we made at that time. These manuals are *mostly* early 70's Pioneer units and some Akai reel to reel manuals. Even though we aren't pleased as punch, you probably will think they are ok and perfectly suitable for use. They will be listed here soon at a discount for bargain hunters. When they are gone, they are gone.
The Bargain Basement
Nothing listed yet..... we will as soon as possible.

In early 2003, it had been about two years since we started from nothing as a very part time hobby-thing, to trying to build a serious manuals business. I (Rick) decided to spend time making a very critical evaluation of the reproduction manuals we had produced thus far. I realized that we had let a lot of things pass that were not as good as we then knew how to do. The reasons are too many to list, but the bottom line is that I decided that from then on, we would 100% concentrate on quality as our #1 Priority at all times.

At the time, we had perhaps $40,000 of reproduction manuals in stock ready to ship. We began pulling all product that did not meet our new high standards and put them aside for selling in a 'Bargain Basement' at reduced prices. There is a fairly large number of them and we occasionally still add to the pile when something goes wrong. Some of these items are almost perfect with perhaps only a misplaced staple or such. Others vary in quality from Very Good to Poor. We are struggling to get many things done here and on this site so time has not yet allowed for listing and posting these items. So, for you bargain hunters, we will post the Bargain Basement items as soon as we can get to it.
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