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Picture of Rick's Triple Stack of Classic Pioneer Silver-face audio equipment
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No, it's not a circuit board. It is Rick's Triple Stack Pioneer Silver-face Audio gear. This business was started as a result of Rick's personal passion for vintage audio gear and a desire to help others with their collectible gear.

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Our business is conducted primarily by two methods. The first is to those who simply use their Paypal account to send payment for manuals they find listed on our site which also have a description and Price Code. The second is to those contact us directly by e-mail for descriptions and pricing of manuals which do not currently have descriptions and Price Codes.

We do enjoy the direct interaction with our customers, your friendly messages and getting to know you. We maintain a relatively large inventory of in-stock items for the most frequently requested items so the majority of orders are shipped with little or no delay.

We are pleased to be able to provide support for you. We especially enjoy helping users and collectors of open Reel to Reel tape recorder /player decks and associated recording equipment. Other than the fantastic late 70's receivers and probably turntables, open reel decks perhaps represent the era of *70's Audio* better than any other equipment.
These great examples of classic audio gear have always remained popular with many folks. After 20 odd years of digital audio and virtually no new production, reel to reel machines remain very popular. We have a large number of Reel to Reel Service and User Manuals for Teac, Akai, Sony, Pioneer and many others so we can assist in people's continued enjoyment of them.

We are interested in acquiring good quality original literature items that we don't currently have. If you have manuals or brochures that you might like to give, loan, trade or sell, let us know. We prefer to trade what we have for what we need whenever possible. We are also open to accepting almost anything (manuals, computer hardware, music, audio gear, etc.) in trade for the manuals you want. We frequently work out deals that are good for both parties.

Quality is not a buzzword.
It IS Our Guiding Principle
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Pioneer Spec Bible - Classic Pioneer fans... Check this out. It really is spectacular AND there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.
Pioneer Spec Bible
The Definitive 1970-1985
HiFi Specs & Reference Info

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