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Picture of Rick's Triple Stack of Classic Pioneer Silver-face audio equipment
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No, it's not a circuit board. It is Rick's Triple Stack Pioneer Silver-face Audio gear. This business was started as a result of Rick's personal passion for vintage audio gear and a desire to help others with their collectible gear.

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We don't know if we are accomplishing our goal or not, but the intent of the site design is to be like a friend sharing with a friend. It is NOT setup to be a cold, impersonal "strictly business" place to buy something.

We hope a good number of you will enjoy the decidedly different "flavor" of our site when you stop by. And for those who don't... well, we hope you will overlook our not meeting your expectations cause all we know how to do is be who we are.

It was our intent and remains our desire to build this site into a very large and valuable resource for fans of classic audio gear. We haven't been around long enough to make all of our plans a reality "yet"... but it will happen. It is a huge undertaking but we trust that "If you build it, they will come".

The amount of work involved has been much greater than we anticipated or were prepared for... plus, we have experienced many setbacks and major delays that were completely unexpected and out of our control. Why is it that life sometimes just does not cooperate with our plans? See Current Announcements) and other pages in the About Us section for further information.

After what seems like forever, our Manuals For Sale section is still not done with full and complete lists of all manuals and prices. But little by little, it is getting done. Please feel free to use the Contact Us link to send us your comments (just ignore the instructions there if not asking about manuals).
We began selling a few manuals on eBay 2001 and had good success through 2002 with a growing selection. In 2003 we acquired 3 tons of original manuals and that caused almost everything about our family's life to change. We stopped selling on eBay and began trying to catalog/describe/price them and get that information on our site. Elderly parent problems (the worst kind) and other situations hindered progress through 2006. To add to the load... we also acquired an additional 50,000 +/- items during that time.

Time was "finally" being available in early 2007 to begin getting our "real lists" of manuals on site and make other changes. We made numerous site navigation changes and began posting updated manuals catalogs for various companies. Just after getting a good start, elderly parent problems arose again. That and other unexpected family projects stopped the project once again and consumed our entire summer. Most of that has subsided for now and we are back at it. Much more of the site has been totally replaced.

We have printed manuals for around 125,000+/- models and PDF manuals for around a quarter million models. Additionally, we have an Spare Factory Original Manuals Catalog with spare factory original manuals for about 6000 models. If you do not see what you want, use the Contact Us link in the top menu and let us know.

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It IS Our Guiding Principle
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Pioneer Spec Bible - Classic Pioneer fans... Check this out. It really is spectacular AND there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.
Pioneer Spec Bible
The Definitive 1970-1985
HiFi Specs & Reference Info

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