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NOTE: Since about winter 2006/2007, our replying late to many folks has not been an issue very often. We are leaving this page here (for those who are interested) to show that just because a business is in business, it doesn't mean that they are always capable of doing everything right as they probably wish they could.

This page was originally put on our web site in the fall of 2004. It was not a part of our regular site structure and there were no links to it. It was intended to be a "catch-all" explanation for folks when we were sending a delayed reply to an old (or extremely old or even long forgotten...) inquiry. In those replies, we provided a link to this page. The purpose was that we hoped folks who had not received a timely reply would have a better understanding about how we could have failed (so far) to reply to a message they sent us. In others words... we were asking for pity and forgiveness  :)
We realize you may have forgotten about the message you sent us, found the material elsewhere, don't need it now, or simply couldn't care less with the time that has passed. We are trying to be honorable and reply anyway, even though it seemed we never would. Our purpose is to provide an explanation about why your message(s) never received a reply til now.

This is the "Bottom Line...
We acquired too many manuals that we didn't own long enough to have completely organized, described and priced. It took much longer than anticipated to modify, adapt or develop new and necessary business processes and procedures. We were "too easily found" via high ranking Google searches and that resulted in an overwhelming (to us) number of inquires that we were not prepared to handle. We were too under-capitalized to do anything about it any quicker than we have. And finally, a number of "family things" and other responsibilities periodically hindered faster progress.

As of this this writing, we have a few "thousand" emails archived on our computer that never received our reply. Some are relatively recent and some go back almost to when we first brought the site online. From the beginning, approximately 20% of all who have written simply did not receive a reply.

Beginning about Christmas 2003 (beginning with my elderly mom's first surgery) and continuing over the first 7-8 months of 2004, a number of severe hindrances occurred. This included operating at a "very reduced" level at times. And for about 2-3 months, almost totally shutdown. Just as most of those hindrances were about behind us, my mom had a scheduled follow-up surgery, but then immediately suffered a serious stroke. Any of you who have experienced such a situation know what this means to our personal plans. As her Medical Power of Attorney and family member closest to the 3 hospitals she was in, I spent a tremendous amount of time over about 10 weeks dealing with that.

BUT all is not a tale of woe because some very helpful things happened also and we are expecting to eventually get out of this "email-hell" problem we have had for some time. At various times, we thought we were about to get a handle on the situation, but more and more "stuff" kept happening and the email backlog continued to grow. Time will tell if we have finally accomplished enough to get on top of it . We have NO IDEA how long it will be before we reply to every single one in our backlog archives, but we do intend to do it if for no other reason than to apologize. If interested, you can find further details and information about us and the various growing pains we have experienced while trying to build a truly unique "manuals site", in the menu on the left side of this page. One good place would be Current Announcements.
This is our "heart"...
It is our desire, our goal and our intention to be the best manuals seller on the internet. That includes being quick and responsive to "everyone" who writes to us 100% of the time. Up to now, we have mostly met our goals but with one major exception... being able to respond to all who email us.

In the fall of 2002, we were a successful, honorable, and responsive seller operating almost entirely on eBay with a total library of 3000 or so items. We began to build the StereoManuals website with the intention to operate almost entirely from it. About the same time, our library suddenly and unexpectedly grew to over 50,000 items. That caused so much disorganization, that we found ourselves starting replies to people (looking up info, etc.) then losing track of who needed that info along with a ton of other "complications." Ever since, we have killing ourselves with 100 to 140 hour work weeks trying to get to a place where we can once again reply (quickly) to all who write to us.

This is our Apology...
Please accept our sincere apology because we are sincere... and dedicated and hard working. Our hope is that you will accept this apology at face value and not "write us off" as just another unresponsive internet seller. Please understand that "had we been able", we surely would have replied within a few hours of receiving your first message. When a backlog starts building and gets bigger every day, even messages from previous customers and folks we consider friends get lost in the mass of other unanswered messages. When it continues for a long time, the message backlog becomes a blur... like a big monster that's in your face everyday, that can't be overcome and that seemingly won't go away...

We really do value every single person who has written to us and highly regret not having been able to respond to each and every one in a timely fashion. This has been our single biggest !!!!FRUSTRATION!!!! since putting up this website. It makes us look uncaring, unprofessional and lazy. Nothing could be further from the truth, so we really HATE THE SITUATION as it has been.

This is an important thing you should know
We do ship truly excellent products. When we take an order, it is almost always handled quickly and efficiently. If you still want or need the stuff you originally wrote to us about, we would like to supply it for you. We want to be your manuals company either now or in the future and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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