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About Rick Stout

The major goals of our business are:

  • To produce genuinely High Quality Vintage /Classic audio literature reproductions.

  • To provide "in advance", an accurate description including size, construction, etc.

  • To provide "in advance", a conservative, honest and Guaranteed Quality Rating.

  • To provide quick and friendly responses to customer correspondence.

  • To charge a "fair price" for what we produce and NOT use "unfair" flat-rate pricing.

  • To ship all orders in a timely fashion.

  • To have "ALL" customers be thrilled with their purchase (or at minimum... happy).

  • To (as quickly as we can), simplify purchasing so you don't have to "inquire".

All things considered, we have done well with our major goals. We have thousands of happy customers. Until approximately the latter half of 2006, there was one especially troublesome exception. That was our inability to "ALWAYS" respond quickly to all who contacted us. That failing was the single most frustrating thing I have ever experienced in my life. I'm sure there are some of you "out there" who think we are inept, or lazy, or worse yet... simply don't care! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Immediately below is a "brief synopsis" version about how that situation came to be. For those of you who can't find enough fun stuff to read, there is MUCH MORE about our "growing pains" in the Announcements section. Kick back and have a few laughs our our expense!

Brief Synopsis
Starting strictly as a small potatoes eBay seller, we quickly acquired too many manuals that we didn't own long enough to have organized, described or priced. It took much longer than anticipated to modify, adapt or develop new and necessary business processes and procedures. We were "too easily found" via high ranking Google searches and that resulted in an overwhelming (to us) number of inquires that we were not prepared to handle. We were too under-capitalized to do anything about it any quicker than we did. And finally, a number of "family things" and other responsibilities regularly hindered faster progress.


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