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Email Ain't Perfect!!
How StereoManuals Got Started
(Includes Pioneer "THE RACK" Info)
About Rick Stout

Have you ever been frustrated with thinking someone is ignoring your emails? I have. Read on...
If you use an ISP like Earthlink, AOL, Comcast and others that blacklist whole blocks of internet addresses or require some kind of challenge /response test for us to prove we are a legitimate person or someone you wish to receive email from, you may never hear from us.

We may jump through the hoops you or your ISP has erected, but we may not. If you send us an email from such an account, have the common courtesy to add our "Contact Us" email address to your "white list" of approved emails. Or provide an address where you can actually receive messages.
Almost on a daily basis we have difficulty in sending emails to someone who wrote to us expecting an answer. We readily admit that sometimes we fall behind in responding. But sometimes we answer and answer and answer to no avail.
  • Customers write from accounts that have exceeded their email quota.
  • Our reply goes to the trash /trash folder /junk folder /etc.
  • Sometimes you have an incorrect 'reply to' address that is simply no good.
  • Sometimes our reply gets trashed by your spam filters.
  • Sometimes customers write from accounts they rarely use and forget to check it for our reply.
  • Sometimes the emails bounce due to temporary conditions, network problems, ISP problems, email server failures, virus problems, etc.

Actually there are a multitude of reasons for emails to bounce, get rejected, not delivered, deleted, lost or trashed. I will try to provide a little primer on the subject and post it here as soon as I can. In the meantime, if you think we have ignored you...

  • Please check to see if you need to remove emails from your inbox to make room for new ones.
  • Check to see that your email 'reply to' (return address) is valid.
  • Check your trash /spam /junk folder if you have one.
  • If your message said "respond to xxxxxxx" BUT you didn't specifically mention to NOT use the 'reply to' address, then we probably paid no attention to your note.
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